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Birthday Loot

Fri Jun 19, 2015, 4:20 AM

Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes last week, it was a pretty cool day. I didn't celebrate it with my family til Sunday, because all the responsible adults were working .XD (This is basically everyone except the Not-Geek Sis) We did it together with the Geek Bro and his wife(whose birthdays are also right in the June 9-June 15 week), and I'm really happy with my loot, so I'm gonna brag a little. 

I scored:
Shadows by Robin McKinley
A Disney store giftcard (WOOOOO)

002 by FyreQueen89

There's apparently more coming, but part of what Mom ordered hadn't--and still hasn't--shown up yet, and she and sis-in-law BOTH bought me the hoodie(Which is extra funny because I had JUST noticed the price cut and put it on my wish list less then a week before my birthday ;P). There was much joyful squealing.

Plus, Alex made me this: 
Kaavi Adaar by freethegoats Which led to more squealing because ROGUE QUNARI BBY GIRL AHHHHHHH(I love Kaavi, have I mentioned that? xD)

And I bought myself the DAI DLCs, since I finally had a Quizzie high level enough to handle Jaws of Hakkon(Cyrus, my handsome mage boy who looks like Danny Pink). I now love the Avvar too much for words, and want a novel about Ameridan and Co.

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Great many thanks to Kiam
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19. Information Gathering

Considering who's along on this trip, it's absolutely the opposite of a surprise when we pair off. For just about everything the entirety of our trek to Honnleath--at camp, conversing as we walk, sleeping, everything. Jerin and Velanna are almost done with the book of tales, and more than one night of our trip involves me and Jowan hiding smiles as we listen to them bicker over the minutia of their legends.

But every bickering match invariably ends the same way: Jerin caves to Velanna. This book is her project, her baby, and she'd been working on it for months before he arrived on the scene. Plus, he's head over heels in love, and people have done crazier things for love. It's still entertaining to watch.

All of us are fairly good spirits as we finally approach Honnleath. Velanna and Jerin because they found at least one Dalish legend where they agree on absolutely every detail, Jowan because I tweaked the watch rotation to ensure he got enough sleep, and me because we didn't get attacked by anything or anyone on our way out here. No bandits, no blighted animals, no darkspawn. And further, what Taint I can sense in the area is dull, vague. Not unlike the way it... tingles at the edge of the senses when there are Wardens nearby. And that gives me hope that Wardens, at least, can solve this quickly. 

The mayor is, of course, overjoyed to see us, if surprised that I came myself. He's so visibly relieved to have the Commander of the Grey's personal attention that I can't bring myself to explain I'm mostly here because I was dying of boredom back at the Vigil.

"So, Mayor Valemont, where might we find the farms that suffered from the corruption?" I ask instead.

"Oh, they're all out to the south of the village," he explains, fingers tapping together nervously. "Near the woods."

Jerin and Velanna share a look.

"Something to share with the rest of us?" I hint.

"There are several caves in those woods, Commander," Velanna replies, digging through her pack until she finds a map of the area. "I can show you. Any one of them could conceal a tunnel, or even just leftover darkspawn scavenging for food."

"Alright, you can show me later. Maybe start marking off where you think these caves are? Mahariel, think you remember well enough to help her?"

"Aye," he nods, fingers drumming against the hilt of one sword.

I glance at the mayor. "D'you have somewhere they can spread out the map and get started on that as we talk?"

"Of course." With jerky, nervous movements, Valemont show them to a side table, hastily transferring bundles of papers to the floor. "There you go."

As the Dalish pair get the map situated and begin marking off potential cave locations, I press Valemont for more details. "So, when did the corruption first show up, and how?"

He purses his lips in thought. "Oh, roughly a month ago? Devlin's boys found the carcass of one of their sheep on the fringes of their pasture land. All of the wounds showed signs of darkspawn corruption."

"And how did they know what that looked like?" I press. The symptoms and signs of Blight are not something most farmers know, in my experience.

Valemont smiles tightly. "The people of this village lost enough family and friends to the 'spawn during the Blight, their taint is something even children recognize on sight."

"Ah." I clear my throat to cover my embarrassment at forgetting something so obvious. "So, then, walk me through the rest of the sightings and their locations. Let's see if we can find a pattern here."

"Of course, Warden-Commander." Valemont pulls a map of his own out from under some other papers and books on his desk. "In truth, I've been looking for a pattern myself, hoping for one that shows whatever's causing this going away from us, maybe back to the Wilds, but no luck so far." He spreads out the map and shows me the places where corruption's been seen and when. "...the most recent was Hafter's Grove, near the edges of the MaClaren's wheat field-"

"Did you say Hafter's Grove?" Jerin demands, head snapping up.

"I did," the mayor confirms with a nod. "Why?"

"B'cause there's a cave in Hafter's Grove," the Dalish hunter replies, tapping a spot on the map.

"And one near Devlin's farm," Velanna chips in, peering at Valemont's map compared to hers and Jerin's. "That's something for us to check, Commander."

I nod in agreement. "Once you have all the caves you remember marked, make note of the corrupted areas and then you two go get eyes on 'em, see what the terrain is like and if there's any real connection between the caves and the corruption." I glance over at Jowan, who's been so quiet the whole conversation I almost forgot he was there. "We'll start talking to people."

"Don't trust us t' converse civilly with shems, Tabris?" Jerin asks, tone so bland I can't tell if he's serious or teasing.

"I just feel like it would be a waste of your expertise to not have you do the tracking," I reply lightly, tone harmless enough to handle whatever he might have been trying to infer. "Let's get started. We can meet back here in... two hours?"

"Three would be better, if you want us to check multiple sites," Velanna speaks up.

"Okay, three hours," I concede, and look to Mayor Valemont as Velanna and Jerin start marking up their map even further. "Where might we find Devlin?"

"Running the tavern," he replies.

My eyebrows arch. "In addition to the farm?"

"The boys run the farm, Devlin runs the tavern," the mayor explains. "They need all the money they can make."

I link my arm through Jowan's and give him a playful grin. "Well, I guess this means it's time for me to buy you a drink, love."


Honnleath isn't exactly large, so it's not far from the mayor's house to the tavern. And given the time of day, it isn't crowded. The few patrons that are inside peer at me and Jowan with reddened eyes for a few minutes before turning back to their drinks. Except for one man, back in the corner, who continues staring the whole time as we walk up to the counter. It's disconcerting, but I try to ignore him as I catch the attention of the brunette behind the bar.

"What can I get you, Warden?" she asks, grinning at my ill-concealed surprise. "Word travels fast. And we don't get many elves 'round here, if y' don't mind my sayin'.  Not hard to put the pieces together."

"Good point," I grin. "We're lookin' for Devlin. Wanted to ask some questions about the corruption out on the farm."

She smirks. "Well, you found me. Devlin Farrow, at your service, but feel free to call me Dev. Our esteemed mayor is the only one who insists on using the full name." She gives a sharp whistle, which prompts a young man--head and a half taller than her but with the same unruly brown hair--to appear out of a back room. "Micah, you at a point where you can step in for a few minutes? I need to talk to these folks about what happened out at the farm."

"Sure, Ma," he nods. "I should have ten or twenty minutes 'fore it even needs checking."

"Duly noted," she acknowledges, nodding in the direction of a table across the room. "Let's have a seat."

As we join her at the table, I can still feel the man staring at us and risk a peek over my shoulder.  Sure enough, steely eyes lock with mine over the rim of his mug. I hastily look away, my hand flexing against Jowan's arm.

"What's wrong?" he whispers.

"Just... the man in the corner is staring," I tell him, knowing it probably sounds silly; I'm the Hero of Ferelden, of course people are going to stare. "It's weirding me out."

"You in those boots? I'd stare, too," he teases, kissing my temple. "And I'm completely sober."

"Behave yourself," I scold around a grin, lightly swatting his arm as we sit down.

"Oi, Brady, we've talked about this!" Devlin hollers across the room, having taken note of our 'audience'. "No starin' at the other customers! Sorry," she shrugs apologetically, scooting her chair in closer. "He does that from time to time when he gets really drunk. So, what did you want to know?"

"The mayor told us basics; your boys found a dead sheep with signs of the taint. I was just wonderin' if you had any more details that might help us with figurin' this out."

"Right," she nods, playing with a loose lock of hair. "First, you need a little background. When my husband and I met, this was my father's place and he'd promised me I could have it someday. And I was lookin' forward to runnin' my own place. Carsen, Maker bless him, took my independent streak in stride. Said it was one of the things he loved about me, he'd handle the farm, I'd handle the tavern, and any children the Maker blessed us with could pick whether farmin' or tavern-keepin' better suited them." A wry smile tugs her lips. "We had five boys, Warden. Only Micah there liked the idea of tavern-keepin'. The others all like being outside too much. Though it turned out for the best; they've kept the farm runnin' smooth even without their father.  Carsen was killed by darkspawn, protectin' our youngest two. James an' Owen are now intimately familiar with what taint looks like, as well as they are with the farmland. So when they said they found signs of it.... I didn't want to believe them, but I couldn't afford not to. By the time mayor got a letter off to you, five more sheep were dead, and the corner of the wheatfield was tainted, too. I do alright with my tavern, Warden, but that farm's our real livelihood. I don't wanna live in fear that whoever's doin' this will get tired of hasslin' my neighbors and come back to me." She scratches her arm, looking mildly chagrined at how blunt she just was. "And now I sound like a horrible, selfish person."

"Mm-hm, because not wanting darkspawn corruption to taint everything you love and depend on is selfish," I deadpan. "The other Wardens who came with us are checking some of the sites where there were... incidents. We'll figure out what's behind this and get rid of it."

"I hope so," Devlin sighs, sounding relieved. "Feel free to come back any time you have more questions."

"Oh, trust me, I will," I assure her. "Thank you for your time. We'll let you get back to work."

We say farewell and the two of us head for the door.

The staring drunk, Brady, lurches to his feet and blocks the doorway just before we reach it, slurring, "I's... I know you from shomewhere..."

He's staring at Jowan.

"Sorry, no, I don't think we've ever met," the mage replies, shaking his head. "You must be mistaken."

"I never fergit a face," Brady insists, still obstinately in the doorway. "Levyn, right?"

The two of us trade a look. Maker, this is exactly the kind of complication we didn't need.  
Acceptance ch19
Oh, look, a wild plot twist appears! :dummy: How serious a plot twist.... well, that's what next week is for, yes? :evillaugh:

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch18

Jowan, Velanna, Honnleath, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna, Jerin, Valemont, and the Farrow clan belong to me.
Title: All Who Remain
Author: FyreQueen89
Game: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairings: Sebastian Vael, Eilidh(OC), mentions of past Sebastian/f!Hawke
Disclaimer: Dragon Age universe and all its characters/locales belong to BioWare. I just enjoy torturing myself with feels :)

He couldn't keep going like this.

Sebastian wrestled with that truth as he stared at the wall. He couldn't, and he knew it.

Couldn't keep pretending the world ended at their-- his bedroom door. Couldn't keep ignoring Alaric's demands he act like the prince he'd claimed to be. Couldn't keep avoiding his daughter--or The Question in her eyes. When's Mum comin' home?

It didn't help that, unlike every other time he'd lost nearly everything that mattered to him, there wasn't really someone to blame. Flint Company, the Harimanns, Anders, they had all paid for the lives they took. Astrid had made sure of it. But who did he blame for her loss? Who should pay? The Wardens? The Inquisition? Varric, for sending her that damned letter in the first place, knowing Astrid would never refuse to help? It boiled down to his wife making a choice. Her own choice. And there was really no one to blame for her sacrificially protective streak.

You can't keep going like this. Sebastian groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. He knew that, he did.  But he was so afraid of venting his grief and rage on the wrong person; terrified that person would be Eilidh, that he almost didn't trust himself to leave the room.

But Starkhaven needed its Prince, and Eilidh needed her father--not to mention an answer--so later that morning, when Alaric pounded on his door once more, Sebastian actually opened it and faced the man.

"I will be at the council meeting this afternoon," he assured the steward. "After I spend some time with my daughter."

He could almost feel Alaric's surprise roll off him. "Very good, m'lord. The council will be most pleasantly surprised." The steward scurried off to inform the council members of the news. 

Sebastian sighed deeply, unable to shake the overwhelming sorrow, and not looking forward to the conversation he needed to have with Eilidh at all. But it was needed, and no matter how badly losing Astrid hurt, he couldn't use that as an excuse to abandon either his daughter or his city. So with one last deep breath, the Prince of Starkhaven set off for the nursery room where his daughter was most likely to be.


She squealed when she saw him enter. "Da!"

Sebastian barely had time to kneel down and open his arms before she barreled into him. "Hello, my sweet girl."

"I missed you," Eilidh mumbled, almost losing her flower crown as she nuzzled into the crook of his neck and hugged him tight.

"I'm sorry, m'darlin'," he whispered, feeling a pang of guilt as he held her close. His soul-shattering grief may be an acceptable reason for ignoring his city, but it was no excuse for neglecting his daughter. Not for days on end.

If Astrid were here, he'd be getting a piece of her mind. The thought sent a fresh shudder of repressed sobs through him.

Eilidh pulled back, placed one small hand on either side of her father's face. "What's wrong, Da? Your eyes're all red an' your face is scratchy." She wiggled her fingers against the three days' growth tenaciously clinging to Sebastian's jaw. "Yu never let your face get scratchy, even though Mum likes it." She cocked her head and examined his face. "Are yu still sad?"

"Aye," he managed, the word strangled by emotion as he fought to keep from shattering at the innocence in her voice.


Deep breath. You have to tell her. "I got a letter from your Uncle Varric. Remember how Mum went to help him and some of his new friends stop a bad man from hurting people?"

"Uh-huh. Did he know when Mum ken come home? Is it gonna be a long time? Is that why you're sad? 'Cause yu miss her, too?" She snuggled close.

He'd thought stringing together the words Astrid is dead in his mind was the worst anything could hurt. He'd been so very, very wrong. "Eilidh, my sweet girl... Mum's not comin' home."

He felt her stiffen, one hand curling in the fabric of his shirt. "Why not?" Eilidh demanded, voice already wobbling in hurt bewilderment. "Doesn't she love us?"

"Oh, my sweet darlin' girl, your mother would never stop lovin' yu. She's not comin' back because she died. She was protectin' people from a monster an' it killed her."

She was quiet for a long moment, sniffling occasionally into his shirt. "Da? What's 'died' mean?"

Sebastian closed his eyes and wondered how he explained the concept of death to a three year old who had never even lost a pet. "Do yu remember goin' to the Chantry service with all the candles? And your mum lit ones for her mother an' sister?"

"An' yu lit a whole bunch? I 'member," Eilidh nodded. "Is Mum like Granna-L'andra now?"

"Yes," he replied simply. He would never be able to explain it any better. Astrid had been the one who had a way with words. "She's with the Maker now, watchin' out for us."

The little girl let out a disgruntled snort. "Why's He need her there for that? I want her back here."

"So do I, Love." Sebastian stroked her hair and held her close as the tears finally hit.

"I want Mama back!" Eilidh wailed into his shirt, the fabric doing little to muffle her cries. "Ev'rybody says th' Maker loves yu, Da. Make Him give her back!"

Oh, Andraste, why? Why would you take a little girl's mother from her? He kissed the top of his daughter's head and held her even closer. "Oh, my darlin' I wish with all m'heart it worked like that, but it doesn't. People don't come back when they're dead, Eilidh."

She just cried. And Sebastian sat on the floor and held her until his back ached and limbs cramped. And he would have stayed longer, if not for his promise to Alaric.

"Eilidh, sweetling, I have to go to a meeting--" her grip tightened-- "yu can come with me, but I have to get changed."

"And make your face not scratchy anymore?" She peered up at him, eyes now just as red as his probably were.

Sebastian chuckled sadly. "I think I'll leave it scratchy for a while, darlin'. C'mon." He stood, with her still clinging to his shirt, and headed back toward his room.


And that was how he entered the council chamber half an hour later; three days' worth of stubble trying to pretend it was a beard clinging to his jaw, and a red-eyed, barefoot three year old clinging to his tunic. Sebastian couldn't really bring himself to care about the surprised murmur that rippled through the room--they were lucky it was a clean tunic--but he knew how the game went. So he forced a solemnly neutral expression and played along.

"I do apologize for th' state I'm in, lords and ladies. I fear my daughter is doin' near as badly losin' her mother as I am. Y'don't get me without her today." One arm tightened around Eilidh's back. "She'll not cause trouble. We jest need each other right now." The warning underlying his words--protest her presence and I leave, too--was clearly understood by those seated at the table. No one said a word. And it didn't take long before Eilidh--emotionally exhausted and hours overdue for her nap--fell asleep nestled in close under Sebastian's chin.

He participated in as much of the meeting as he could with the overwhelming loss of his wife fraying the edges of his sanity with every heartbeat. By the time things wound down, one fact was abundantly clear to him: he couldn't do this. Not well, not right now.

"I have one thing to say before we end here today," he spoke up, fingers playing with Eilidh's hair. "I will be temporarily ceding the majority of my responsibility to Steward Alaric." He waited for the ripple of gasps and disapproving murmurs to end before continuing. "Normally I'd never do such a thing so soon after yu trusted me as your Prince, but th' last couple days have made it very clear tae me; I cannot give this position th' attention and focus it is due while grievin' my Astrid. So, startin' now, everything goes through Steward Alaric. I trust him to make fair decisions on smaller matters, and issues of national importance will still come tae me. I will endeavor to resume my place as Prince as quickly as possible; no more than a month or two at most."

The lords and ladies who filled various advisory roles slowly, reluctantly, nodded their understanding.

Still holding Eilidh close, Sebastian rose and left the room, already mentally preparing for the next few months to be among the longest of his life.
All Who Remain
Tell the one above he’s a criminal 
For taking and giving life like marble candy...
When you leave this life,
the world will be a darker place for all who remain
~ "All Who Remain" Beware of Darkness


This has been sitting in for a long, long time simply because it hurt too much to post. That and, since I've--thankfully--never had to explain death to a toddler, let alone the death of a parent, I kept obsessing over/tweaking Sebastian's conversation with Eilidh trying to get it right. I'm still not sure it's perfect, but it was becoming an excuse to not post an otherwise finished fic. So I'm saying 'the hell with it' and posting, if anyone has advice on ways to tweak it, I'm all ears. Right now I just need to get it up so I can make other people suffer with me I can stop rereading it. The title is both because of the song(and the whole thing fits so well it literally makes me teary), and as a hat tip to All That Remains, because I am a monster.
Sebastian and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Alaric and Eilidh are mine
18. Lull

The weeks following Sable and Tarin's little Fade adventure are downright boring--so much so that when Nathaniel asks for leave to go spend more time with Vi, I'm saying yes before he's even finished asking.

"Thank you, Commander," the archer says with a grateful smile. "Much of the planning for... the wedding is better done with the two of us together, rather than via letter."

I grin. "Still having trouble believin' it's real?"

Nate shrugs, running one hand through his hair. "It's not- Pragmatically speaking, falling in love as a Warden is a bad idea. Especially with someone who isn't a Warden. I could get reassigned halfway across Thedas tomorrow, and I'd have to go. I can't tell her everything, and after watching my father's secretive nature destroy his relationship with my mother, that is the last thing I want."

"Nathaniel Howe, I can't believe I have to remind you of this, but you are not your father. Him voluntarily hiding everything from his wife is different than you not being allowed to tell Vi the process involved in the Joining or that... darkspawn were spotted in Cumberland or something." I resist the temptation to stand on my chair so I can glare at him eye to eye. "She is willingly walking into marriage knowing you won't be able to tell her everything, and it's not because you don't trust her. It's an... occupational hazard. But did you have a larger point that I derailed?"

"Just that despite knowing, practically speaking, it's unwise to fall in love as a Warden, I went and did it anyway."

"Join the club," I laugh wryly. "I've done it twice, Jowan's done it, Jerin and Velanna, Gabriel and Miri, Void, Oghren is married. Granted, he and Felsi get hitched before he joined the Wardens, but he's still trying to make it work." Somewhere in the pile of outgoing mail on my desk is his latest missive to his wife and daughter. "My point, Nate, is this: love doesn't care if it's inconvenient. It just shows up, fuses your soul together with someone else's and leaves you to deal with the consequences, both good and bad. In a way, you're lucky Vi's not a Warden. If we were to get a letter reassigning you halfway across Thedas tomorrow, she could potentially go with you. It probably wouldn't be easy, and would be uprooting her life-" my mind flashes to Nida, and her 'love can only take you so far'- "But it is an option. If Jerin or Velanna or I were to get reassigned halfway across Thedas tomorrow, our significant other couldn't come with us. Unless they were miraculously assigned to the same place," I amend. "I know it's hard, but you two love each other, and know what you're getting into, so you'll make it work."

"Will we?" he sighs. "You can find the good, the silver lining, in everything, Rahna. I'm not like that."

"Vi is," I remind him. "I know you're worried, Nate, but you two will be fine. Now get goin', before something happens an' I hafta rescind my permission."

"Yes, Commander," he laughs, smiling as he departs.


The boring holds for another couple days after Nate leaves, and then I get a letter from Honnleath. They'd been having a small problem with leftover darkspawn corruption infecting some of the farming land and animals. Since it didn't seem like an active threat, I'd given them instructions on how to burn the corrupted land and carcasses.

But there appears to have been a problem: the mayor sent some of their best men to handle the burnings and to mark off the land so people will avoid it for a time. It all went well--until the corruption returned, to different farms, a few days later. And at least two of the men involved began to talk about hearing strange music no one else could. A couple days after that, those men started talking nonsense and developing dry, scaly patches of grey skin. Fortunately, the mayor recognized the signs of Taint infection and had the men 'put out of their misery' before they went completely mindless and started attacking people, but he's still wondering if I can spare some Wardens to come deal with this trouble. It's too much for them.

I write back that of course I can send some Wardens; this problem sounds more serious than I first thought, but then discard the letter. I'll be leaving in the morning with the Wardens he requested; a letter would hardly travel any faster. I just have to decide who to take with me.


Taking into account who I'll be leaving at the Vigil and wanting to leave them an even split, the team that leaves in the morning for Honnleath consists of me, Jowan, Velanna, and Jerin. The two Dalish are used to traveling, and being cooped up in the Vigil for months is slowly driving them crazy. I'm a little worried what reception Dalish Wardens will receive--especially Dalish as prickly and proud as Velanna and Jerin, but both of them point out their clans camped in that area in the past. They know the woods and terrain better than anyone.

"Certainly better than any shemlen could," Jerin scoffs.

"True as that may be, you prob'ly shouldn't say it like that while we're there," I point out. "These people are desperate and asked for our help. Let's try to avoid belittling them, hm?"

"Fine, fine, Tabris, whatever you say," he grumbles, waving me off.

"No, Mahariel, I'm serious." I turn and walk backward so I can make eye contact with him. "Pride in your abilities is all well and good, but no disparaging remarks about these people, got it?"

"Yes, Commander. I understand, Commander. I won't, Commander." A wry smile tugs one corner of his mouth. "That good enough?"

I laugh. "For now. Just remember; shems they may be, but you're sworn to protect them from darkspawn all the same."

"No' as if I got a say in th' matter," he mumbles.

"Would you rather I'd let you die?" I point out sweetly. Jowan squeezes my hand in silent warning not to push too hard.

"Cours no'." He kicks a pebble into the surrounding underbrush. "Just sayin' since it wasn't a choice of my own free will, it's takin' a little longer t' adjust."

I can understand that, so I turn to face the right direction with a shrug as we continue on. My mind wanders--I trust Jowan to nudge me back to reality if I'm about to walk into anything--and I let it run wild trying to figure out what's going on in Honnleath. It's been long enough since the Blight the darkspawn should be gone.

'Should' being the operative word in that sentence. And I'm coming up blank on other options for now. But it's going to take at least a week to get there.

Plenty of time to theorize.
Acceptance ch18
Firstly, sorry this is on the shorter end of thing(I usually aim for 1k-1500 words, and I think this is around 1100). I had stuff come up this week that took some of my writing time. Second, I was feeling guilty for ignoring some of my characters/not giving them enough attention, hence the Honnleath arc involving Jerin and Velanna. I was originally going to use Arrik instead of Jowan to give him some attention, too, but that would have meant Sigrun being the only rogue!Warden left at the Vigil, and I like being able to have one of each class in my teams. So Jowan got to come. He's much happier with this arrangement. 

Hopefully that won't change over the course of this *cough* adventure.

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch 17

Acceptance ch19
Nathaniel, Jowan, Velanna, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna and Jerin are mine

Think fast! Favorite character from How I Met Your Mother? 

6 deviants said Barney
3 deviants said Lily
2 deviants said Robin
2 deviants said Marshall
2 deviants said Augh, I can't pick *headdesk*
1 deviant said I LOVE THEM ALL
No deviants said Ted
No deviants said Ranjit(XD)


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