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Thu Nov 12, 2015, 5:05 AM

Sooo, life is crazy, but what else is new? xD

I feel like a bad writer, but what free time I've had the past... week, I've been playing SWTOR. Trying to get my Agent (Jaaide) through all the expac stuff so I can run Knights of the Fallen Empire with someone who's actually gone through the game (I checked it out with an auto-60 Hunter first :P). And see how flirting with Theron pans out.

So far he's absolutely 100% worth having skipped Vector just this once. There's not an ounce of chill between him and Jaaide. It's hysterical. I actually had to restart one conversation because I was laughing so hard at the two of them I missed some of the dialogue. 

So, yeah, I'm using my time in an adult and productive manner. *whistles innocently*


006 by FyreQueen89

(And what I wouldn't have given for flycam ;P)
JaaideTheronKiss2 by FyreQueen89
TheronLetter by FyreQueen89

RomanceStart by FyreQueen89
RomanceKiss by FyreQueen89
(still want flycam, cuz c'mon, is one decent angle-shot of a kiss too much to ask? ;P)

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One month, three weeks, and two days.

That was how long she'd been gone. Not that he'd been keeping track. If he had, he would know down to hours. No, the reason Harvey knew how long Trinne had been gone was thanks to Liam. The three year old had recently learned to keep time--courtesy of one very proud big brother--and the both of them were keeping count how long Mama was gone. Liam, however, was the one who would randomly announce the running count to his father.

Thus Harvey was acutely aware of how long it had been when the gate guards spotted the Warden party returning. Aware enough to drop what he was doing and head toward the front gate and a faster-than-strictly-necessary walk.

She looked tired, was the first thing he noticed.  Though that was pushed away by a bright smile when she saw him. She was also very dirty, mud smudged across the bridge of her nose and dust thick on her robes. He still hugged her hard, with no hesitation, and grinned as she wrapped her arms around him, hands gripping tight. He could swear he felt some of her exhaustion slough off in that hug, her face buried against his shoulder.

"Welcome home," he whispered in her ear, and her grip tightened briefly before she pulled back and grinned as she kissed him. It was deep and desperate, almost two months of I miss you fueling it on both sides. Trinne shifted, fingers digging into his hair, and Harvey responded in kind, pulling her closer and trying to ignore the fact he could have counted her ribs if he so desired. She never eats enough.... 

Finally the need for air drove them apart, wold whistles from some of their audience prompting Trinne blush faintly even as she pretended to ignore them. IT made her look adorable.

"...Hi," she smiled, somewhat sheepishly. 

"I take it you missed me?" Harvey said softly, resting his forehead against hers.

Even more than the ability to bathe," she replied just as softly.

"I missed you, too," he whispered, noting the faint freckles peeking from under the mud.

"Yeah?" she tipped her chin up with a lazy grin and a dare in her eyes.

He would have taken her up on it, too--audience be damned, just this once--if it wasn't for two dark-haired, gleeful figures who came tearing out of the keep with cries of "Mama, Mama, you're home!" The boys slammed into their parents, and the (semi)private moment was instantly turned into a group hug. Not that he minded.

There was always later.


She should hit him. Everything in her was screaming for her to just sock him in the jaw for that little stunt. Hell, even his shit-eating grin seemed to be waiting for her to clock him.

So, in the interest of keeping him guessing Des instead grabbed the collar of Will's armor, shoved him against the wall, and kissed him. Hard. And if she bit his lip in the process, well, maybe it wasn't entirely an accident. 

His vaguely dazed look felt like a victory when she pulled away, both of them breathing hard. Des pushed off his chest, deliberately using enough force his head bounced off the wall.

"Next time you pull crap like that, William, I'll break your fucking jaw." She turned and stomped off in the direction they'd been heading, pretending she didn't hear his chuckle as he fell in step behind her.


"Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into."

Tal made a face in Xander's general direction for the deadpan comment even as she scanned for exits. "Yep. Sure. It was my shortcut that dumped out here, darling."

"Just like it's my contract that brought us here, dearest," Xander shot back, tone somehow sickly sweet and teasing at the same time. "I did warn you about trusting Hutts, Tal."

"I never said I trusted her," she grumbled, watching him eye the height of the nearest wall, obviously making calculations in his head. "I'f you've got somethin', make it quick."

He held up one hand in a wait a sec gesture as he checked some readouts on the wrist controls for his jetpack. "Yeah, that'll work. Hold on tight." He held out one arm toward her and Tal went without hesitation. Her arms latched around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist.

A kiss on the cheek for luck and 3-2-1 count later, they were rocketing upwards, just barely clearing the wall as the guards rounded the corner. Once they stopped tumbling from the very rough landing, Tal sat up and shot Xander a mischievous grin. "Good thing you tinkered with that, huh?"

"Yeah... good thing." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Got any more of that luck to spare?"

She laughed, cupped his face in her hands, and kissed him. "My hero," she whispered before hauling him to his feet. They still had an escape to complete, after all. A little extra luck couldn't hurt.


In the years he'd known her, Gabriel had found Miri in a variety of places in a variety of libraries. Her favorite was sideways in the most comfortable armchair she could find, book propped against her knees.

This was entirely new. "What are you doing up there?"

Sheepish dark blue eyes met his as Miri perched on top of the bookcase like a large and slightly awkward bird. "I, um, threw my book at a mouse...."

He raised an eyebrow. "Why, cheri?"

"Instinct, you smug bastard," she grumbled, smiling in spite of herself. "I saw it and just whoom." She mimed the full-armed swing she'd used--and promptly lost her balance.

"Miri!" Gabriel lunged forward, managing to catch her well enough he broke her fall at least. It was worth getting the wind knocked out of him to be trapped underneath her. "Maybe... Maybe next time throw something less essential, no? Like... a shoe."

"I'll try that." Neither of them moved for several moments, til finally Miri unceremoniously rolled off his chest and sat up. "Thanks for catching me," she said with a smile.

"My pleasure," Gabriel smiled back, pushing himself up as well and kissing the tip of her nose. "Just try not to make it a habit, no?"


She smelled like flowers. Lilacs, to be specific, and Harvey smiled against the back of Trinne's neck. 

She must have felt the rush of air from his almost-laugh. "What?"

"You borrowed Sigrun's soap again, didn't you?" he whispered, kissing just behind her ear.

Trinne shrugged, snuggled back into his chest. "She shouldn't leave it in the washroom if she doesn't want to share." Her voice, even muffled in her pillow, had a note of mischief to it.

"Oh, really?" He shifted, brushing another soft kiss over the freckles dusting her shoulder blades.

"Yep. Besides, I think she leaves it there so it feels less like hers, 'cause of the Legion thing. So me using it helps with that." One of her hands came to rest atop his as he held her close, her thumb brushing absently against his knuckles. "Plus it smells nice."

This time he did laugh, planting another kiss atop another freckle. "You're such a helper."

"It's part of my charm." Trinne's breath caught at another soft kiss. "Are you trying to keep me awake? B'cause that's not helping with the falling asleep thing."

"Sorry. I can stop, if you want me to."

"See, I don't really wa-ant you to," she mumbled, voice trembling when he kissed between her shoulder blades. "But you prob'ly should, 'cause we have to be up kind of early tomorrow."

"Excellent point." Harvey pressed a final kiss to the nape of her neck and settled in to get some sleep.

Tomorrow would be here before they knew it.


There were so many people, and for once Trinne was taken aback by this fact. She hesitated just before the doorway, pulling Harvey to a stop as well.

"What's wrong?" he asked, having the grace to not  wince as her fingers dug into his arm.

"I-I don't know if I'm ready for this..." she admitted.

"Well," Harvey replied slowly, glancing at the crowd and back to her. "if that's really how you feel, I'm not going to make you, you know that. But for what it's worth, I think you can handle it."

"Really?" Her grip on his arm loosened and her hand slid down toward his wrist as she looked at him.

"Absolutely," he nodded, smile tugging one side of his mouth.

"Gee, thanks, Cousland. Your confidence means the world to me," she snarked, teasing tone hiding just how seriously she meant the words.

From the way his smile widened, she hadn't hidden it well enough. "Well, then. Shall we?"

Trinne took a steadying breath, let it out, and nodded. She could do this. "We shall. And Harvey?" She tugged on his arm to hold him back as he started to walk forward once more. "Thank you. Really." She leaned over, closing the gap between them, and kissed him on the cheek.

Harvey cleared his throat, shrugged,. "Don't mention it. It's not like it's a hard thing to do."

She chuckled. "If our selves from a year ago could hear you say that, they'd be rollin' their eyes and wonderin' what you've been smoking."

Another shrug. "People change."

"That they do," Trinne agreed softly. "That they do." Moment of doubt over, she linked her arm through Harvey's and they stepped into the ballroom to greet the waiting crowd.
OC Kiss Week
Just realized I didn't post this here. All the ficlets I wrote for OC Kiss Week over on tumblr. 

Will belongs to Silieth and Harvey belongs to freethegoats, everybody else belongs to me.
43. One More Night

We wind up waiting long enough that I'm getting antsy, but I suppose it's my own fault for telling James to give us at least twenty minutes. He has no way of knowing it didn't take anywhere near that long. When we finally do hear approaching footsteps--just a few seconds before I asked Jerin if he could find the way out--it's only one set. I look over at Jowan, who just shrugs. A few seconds later, James rounds the bend in the tunnel alone.

I raise an eyebrow. "Where are Velanna and Seranni?"

He gives me an I told you so look as he replies, "Talkin' to Ezekiel."

Oh. "He came back out?" When we set off, he was still in the house, trying not to eavesdrop on 'Warden business' conversation.

"Apparently. And Seranni wanted to talk to him, because she think it's her fault somehow about his arm, so there was no talkin' her into just wavin' and continuin' on our way when he saw us."

"Prob'ly better this way" I point out. "You ignoring him woulda made it look a lot more like you were hidin' something. How much of the truth did you tell him?"

"For now just that Seranni's a traveler who had been scarred by the Blight not long after the Battle of Denerim," James shrugs as we start back out of the tunnel system. "And that she's Velanna's sister. How much more he learns I figured should be up to you ladies."

"We'll figure it out. For now, can we just get out of here, please?" I try to keep my voice level as I ask, but from the sympathetic look Jowan gives me, I don't do a good job.

"Sure," James nods. "Right this way. I'd think a Grey Warden would be used to bein' underground."

"I am. Just 'cause I'm used to something doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Good point," he concedes as we wind our way through the tunnels. 

There are very few feelings I relish more than the sun on my face after being away from it for a while, and I close my eyes in enjoyment as the warmth and light wash over me when we step out of the cave entrance.

Jowan lets me enjoy it for a minute--he knows what it means to me--before nudging my shoulder. "C'mon, Rahna. Don't we have things to do..."

"Right. Of course." I nod and toy with the end of my braid as she start for the farmhouse. My somber mood is washed away by a grin at the sight that greets us as we get closer. Ezekiel is sitting in one of the chairs on the front porch, smiling widely as he converses with Seranni, who's perched on the railing, one arm wrapped around a support post, the other gesturing animatedly as she talks. Velanna is leaning against the side of the house, trying not to smile and looking for all the world like a reluctant chaperone.

"...and she never asked me to keep an eye on her children again," Seranni concludes as we move within earshot. "The stains came out eventually, of course, but we was too worried I was a bad influence."

Ezekiel chuckles. "You hardly strike me as the kind of person who deserves such a label. It's not your fault children get into everything."

She shrugs. "There were plenty in the clan who disagreed with her. It's not like I gained a 'reputation' or anything." Her face goes somber when she catches sight of us. "Is... is it done?"

I just nod, and her jaw clenches as tears sheen her eyes.

"What?" Ezekiel frowns in confusion. "I feel like I missed something."

"I was... traveling with a friend." Seranni explains shakily. "He, unfortunately, was... more affected by the Taint than I was, and it had reached the point where there was only one solution. With the Wardens being here, the Commander graciously volunteered to handle it, as they can't contract the Taint."

Understanding flashes through blue eyes as Ezekiel leans forward. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Thank you," she sniffles, wiping her eyes.

"Well, if our business here is now concluded, shouldn't we be leaving?" Velanna speaks up, pushing away from the wall.

"We can't do that to Seranni, first of all," I point out, surprised she of all people would forget. "Asking her to move on immediately after losing a friend." I glance at her. "Unless you want to be moving on quickly."

She shakes her head, tucking her hair back behind her ears. "I don't mind sleeping in our cave again-"

"You've been sleeping in a cave?!" Ezekiel interrupts. "Why would you..." 

"Not many people want to rent me a room," Seranni points out with a grim smile, gesturing at her face.

"Well, I don't want to rent you a room, either," the farmer mutters. "But we have a couple extra bedrooms if you'd like somewhere more comfortable t sleep."

"That... that would be lovely, thank you." She smiles, almost shyly, as if unused to the kindness. Which, in her situation, may actually be the case.

"What about us?" Jerin mutters to me in an undertone. "We've already checked out a' the room in town b'cause you'd planned to move on right away."

"We'll figure somethin' out," I whisper back, playing with my braid.

"Something wrong?" Ezekiel asks.

"Just tryin' to work out our own lodgings for the night," I explain. "I had been hopin' we'd be on our way earlier in the day than this, so we checked out of the inn already."

"You can stay here, too," he points out. "Seranni gets first choice on the bedrooms, but we can fit ya somewhere. Mum used to do it all the time before she left us the farm and moved into town."

"I think we'll take you up on that," I nod.

"An' we'll let you an' Jowan have th' other room," Jerin adds.

"We will?" Velanna raises an eyebrow. 

"Aye, we will. B'cause you an' I don't hafta be touchin' t' fall asleep."

I can't really argue with that.

"Well, if I'm sleeping here, I'll need to go get my things," Seranni says, carefully slipping off the railing.

I catch her arm as she descends the steps. "Seranni, I just want you to be prepared for this; your things are all that's left."

She squints for a second before it sinks in and her eyes widen in surprise. "You destroyed all his things?!"

"We had to," I murmur. "We realized while waiting for James that they might carry the Taint as well."

I can see the haertbreak and commonsense warring on her face. "A memento would have been nice, but I... I understand."

"I'm sorry," I whisper, meaning for far more than denying her a keepsake.

And she knows it. "Apology accepted," she whispers back before continuing toward the cave to retrieve her things.

It takes a moment to sink in that she went alone.
Acceptance ch 43
Not much to say this time, except wheee, yay, we finally get to go back to the Vigil next chapter. :D

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch 42
Jowan, Velanna, Seranni, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna, Jerin, James, and Ezekiel belong to me
42. Never, Ever Easy

Seranni's initial surprise at seeing us 'so soon'--which makes me think Jowan and James visited yesterday--quickly shifts into wariness when she sees her sister's grim expression. "What's going on?"

"She's had a rough day," I reply, bending the truth just a little bit. "We wanted to see how you were doing; Jowan told me he thought your fever was gonna break soon."

"I do feel better," she says slowly. "A bit stronger. Hopefully we'll be able to move on soon." She's hinting, digging, trying to get an answer for the question she's afraid to ask and I dread having to answer.

"Seranni..." I hesitate, insides in a knot, almost hating myself. "We can't let the Disciple leave here."

Understanding flashes through her clouded eyes and she starts shaking her head. "So, what, we have to live in this cave for the rest of our lives?"

The denial writ large across her face makes this a thousand times harder. "That's not what I'm saying. You don't have to stay here. The Disciple does."

"No. No. You don't- you can't." Her eyes well with tears and I graduate to actually hating myself.

"Seranni, people are dead," I say gently, as if that'll help. "People with families are dead and gone because of the Taint it spread. Their lands are damaged, livelihoods are threatened, I can't let that continue, no matter how much the alternative hurts." I brace myself and say the words. "I have to kill the Disciple."

She doesn't say anything for a long moment. Her eyes brim with tears and I can see her jaw tensing, but almost a full minute goes by before she quietly whispers, "No..."

Her soft, broken tone is worse than if she'd flown into hysterics and I instinctively reach for Jowan's hand. He notices and links his fingers between mine, giving a gentle squeeze for encouragement.

"It is the right decision she is making," the Disciple says, resting one hand comfortingly on Seranni's shoulder.

"I can't lose you," she protests, turning to look up at the somber darkspawn.

"The Architect was wishing for peace with humans," it says gently. "If I am harming that, it is best for the Grey Warden to be killing me."

"But..." she lets it trail off as she stares up at the monster who is currently her only friend in the world, tears rolling down face.

"James can take you outside, so you don't have to watch," Jowan speaks up. "If you want."

James starts at hearing his name, but nods, running one hand through his hair. "I'm perfectly willing to do that, if you want, Seranni."

Another long silence, before she nods reluctantly. "That would probably be best. Velanna, will you come with us?"

"Of course," Velanna agrees. "Anything for you."

Seranni swallows hard, hugs the Disciple even harder, whispering something in elvish before she lets go. She wipes at her tears and starts down the tunnel. Velanna rushes a few steps to join her, and James follows the two of them out, catching my eye with a look of support as he does.

"James," I murmur in an undertone. "Maybe take them on a nice, slow loop 'round the far side of the farm. Give us at least twenty minutes so we can, um, clean things up."

"And if one of my brothers sees us?"

"If they do, I'm sure you'll figure something out."

He doesn't look so sure, but shrugs and leaves with the Dalish women all the same.

"Be doing it quickly, Warden," the Disciple says softly.

"I wish I didn't have to do it at all," I mutter. "But since I do, I will do it as quickly as possible. I just want to make sure they've really left. So Seranni doesn't see."

After another minute or so passes, I take a deep breath, squeeze Jowan's hand tight one last time, and pull out my sword. I wish briefly that I still had Vigilance. A dragonbone blade would make this so much easier. Damn the Crows. 

Jerin clears his throat. "Tabris, would it maybe be better t' do this elsewhere? I mean, if Seranni's goin' t' sleep here t'night, we prob'y shouldn't be soakin' th' ground with her best friend's blood."

"An excellent point," I concede. "Let's go down another tunnel."

"There is a dead end not far from here that you could use," the Disciple suggests.

"Where?" I ask, and it leads us to the 'cave' in question. It really isn't far; I probably won't get lost returning to the living space.

When we reach the alternate location, the Disciple kneels, a deep, slow breath hissing out between its teeth. "As I said, be doing it quickly, please, Warden. And... you will be taking care of Seranni?"

"Yes." I look at my sword, at the back of the creature in front of me. "I promise."

Maker, I wish I didn't have to do this. But nothing involving the Architect has been simple or easy, so it's not really surprising that this is staying true to form. And, in a fun little twist, my time as a Warden has more than prepared me to know how to kill a darkspawn as quickly as possible.

I take a deep breath of my own, step forward, and drive my sword through the Disciple's back. It gives a choked grunt, a wet cough, and then slumps to the ground.

It's done. For all my worry and doubt and the crisis of conscience, it was extremely easy to do--almost scarily so. I stare at the corpse for a long moment, sword hanging at my side and dripping blood. This is the only darkspawn in my life that I'll ever regret having to kill.

"Rahna," Jowan says softly, resting a hand on my shoulder. "We should burn it. So the corruption doesn't sink into the ground."

"Go... go ahead," I nod dazedly, turning my back as flames engulf the dead darkspawn. I feel... hollow. Jerin wordlessly hands me a rag, and I take it with a nod, wiping blood off my blade before I sheath it. All three of us are silent as we make our way back to the portion of the cave system that served as home for Seranni and the Disciple.

Now there's nothing to do but wait until they come back. And try not to let the guilt overwhelm me.
Acceptance ch 42
For such a short chapter, this took a ridiculously long time to write. I needed every single day of the extra week. I was determined not to give Rahna an 'out', so to speak; no last minute 'Oh, we can do X instead' or Jerin stepping in and insisting on killing the Disciple instead. She had to do it. And it was both easier and harder than I imagined it would be. Now we get to deal with the fallout/repercussions. Fun!

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch 41

Acceptance ch 43
Jowan, Velanna, Seranni, the Disciple, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna, Jerin, and James are mine
41. Hopefully 

My plan to wear myself out enough I'll fall asleep does eventually work, much to my relief. It's not as deep as usual, but sleep is sleep. It's better than nothing. As a consequence of my late night, I oversleep, and both Jerin and Velanna are awake when I finally drag myself out of bed, the latter still not speaking to me.

Jerin offers an apologetic half-smile and a shrug as he nudges a portion of the breakfast they ordered toward me. "Rough night, I'm guessin'?"

"Not used to sleepin' alone," I mumble through a yawn. "Though, hopefully there won't be any more of that for a while. We'll head back to the farm, with things there, I shoot a look at Velanna, but she's making a show of ignoring me. "And then we can head back to the Vigil."

"Barrin' a lack of complications," he prompts. "B'cause those seem t' like you an awful lot."

"Shh, sayin' things like that'll summon 'em," I joke, munching on the provided food. "Everything's gonna be fine. We'll be done in no time."

"Still, don't y' think we should stay for a couple extra days? Make sure nothin' more happens; no more Taint crops, Ezekiel's arm keeps healin'?"

"You make a good point," I admit reluctantly. "Far as Ezekiel goes, we'll see how he's doing when we get back to the farm. He's probably fine. I'm more hoping Seranni's fever broke."

"Feel guilty telling a sick woman you want to kill her best friend?" Velanna snipes.

"More like I don't want to force her to move if she's still sick," I reply, and the mage relapses into silence. This is going to be a fun day. 

"What time did y' want to leave?" Jerin asks. "Here, I mean?"

"Prob'ly soon as I've finished eating and we're all packed." I cautiously run a hand through my hair, but don't make it far before I hit knots. "I should also probably deal with this, so an hour?"

"Sounds good." He grins. "And at that rate, maybe Jowan'll even be awake by th' time we reach the farm."

I giggle and consequently almost choke on the biscuit I'm eating. "That would be nice."

I finish eating quickly and then head back to my room to pack and try to tame the rats nests taking over my hair. That part does take a bit longer, but I eventually triumph. Hair pulled back in a loose but tangle-free braid, I pick up my pack and meet the others in the hallway.


It's a nice enough day, we don't hurry back, but at the same time I don't want to dilly dally. I want to get this over with. I can almost see the thundercloud growing over Velanna's head, and it helps reinforce my decision to have her take Seranni off somewhere they can't see or hear when I execute the Disciple. That word feels wrong even just in my brain. Most of the people I've killed have been in or immediately following combat.  I don't think I ever executed anyone. Vaughan was straight-up murder--that I still don't regret--and Loghain I let Alistair fight. This is a mess. I sigh and focus my attention deliberately on walking.

We're still a good ways out from the farmhouse when we're spotted. One of the Farrows is sitting on the front porch--probably Ezekiel. As we get closer I can see that I'm right, but he obviously hollered we were back or something, because by the time we reach the porch he's been joined by both Jowan and James. I smile and nod to the latter before tackle-hugging the former. 

Jowan laughs as he hugs me back and kisses the top of my head. "How'd you sleep last night?"

I groan and bury my face in his chest. "Horrible. Awful. Not much at all."

"Well, that makes two of you," James deadpans. Jowan starts to protest, but James shoots him a look. "My room is next to yours. I heard all the tossing and turning."

"Oh, are you the one I heard walking around somewhere after midnight?"  Ezekiel chips in.

"Yes," Jowan sighs. "So, I didn't sleep well, either. Must be something about the sleeping arrangement..."

"Must be," I tease, tipping my head back to grin at him. "We'll have to fix that."

"Agreed." He bends to kiss my forehead, but I tip my chin back further and catch it on the lips instead.

But, good as it is to see him again, even after so short a time apart, we have a mission here. A goal. Well, several, actually. So I turn to Ezekiel. "How are you doing? Still clear?"

"Still clear," he confirms. "Sometimes it feels like that wrist still hurts, no matter how many times I remind myself it's gone, but he tells me there's still no trace of the Taint. So there's really only the typical healing process to worry about."

"Good, I'm glad," I smile. If he's healing well, it's one less thing for both us and his brothers to worry about. "Hopefully, there won't be any complications."

"Hopefully," he agrees. "You probably have Warden business to discuss, so I'll let you have the porch." 

"Thanks," I nod, watching him stand slowly, carefully, making an obvious effort to balance himself properly.

"Nearly went head-first into the railing yesterday, 'cause I over-corrected," he explains when he catches me. "It's tricky."

"I believe you," I mumbles as we wait for him and James to make it inside. 

"Well, between to stalling job and Velanna's face, I think I know what you decided," Jowan says once it's just the four of us.

"Maker, am I that easy to read?" I make a face. "Or is it just 'cause you know me so well?"

"The latter," Jowan and Jerin both reply.

"Once someone knows your tics, y' are rather easy to read," the warrior finishes.

"Good to know," I grunt. "But, yeah, I had decided to go with executing the Disciple."

Velanna's scowl deepens.

I dart a warning look in her direction. "We haven't come up with a good, do-able solution that won't endanger other people. So I feel this is the only solution."

Jowan winces. "That's not going to go over well."

"I know. But that's my choice, and my problem." I glance at Velanna and Jerin. "Either of you know the way well enough we won't have to bother James?" Both of them shake their heads. "Right, then. I'll be right back." I head back into the house to borrow James for what's hopefully the last time. I really want to get this over with.
Acceptance ch 41
So just as a heads-up, badly as I want to finish this arc, I'm not sure there will be a chapter next week. My hand got caught in the door at work(one of the steel and glass, fast food restaurant type doors. FUN). It's not broken or anything, just bruised and really sore, so I'm not sure how much writing I'll be able to get done.

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch 40

Acceptance ch 42
Velanna, Jowan, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna, Jerin, Ezekiel, and James are mine
40. Pulling Through

The slow approach of shuffled footsteps pulled Jowan's attention from the spell book balanced on his lap. "You shouldn't be up yet."

Ezekiel hunched his shoulders sheepishly. "Goin' stir-crazy in there. I guess all those days of self-imposed isolation added up. Can I just... sit out here instead?"

Jowan bit his lower lip in thought. The weather was decent, Ezekiel was healthy, and he could only imagine how boring the view had gotten. "As long as you actually just sit and let me or one of your brothers get you anything you need."

Deal," the lanky farmer smiled in relief as he awkwardly lowered himself into a chair, bobbling slightly before he remembered he only had one arm to use as a brace and compensated. "That's gonna take a while to get used to," he muttered under his breath.

"Oh, I'm sure," Jowan nodded, gaze drifting toward the road. Rahna and the others had probably made it to town by now.

Ezekiel noticed and grinned. "Miss her already? James gets that same look when he's pinin' for Maisy."

There was no point in denying it. "We work well as a team, so we haven't spent much time apart the last year or so." Aside from her going off after Morrigan... 

"Oh, that's gotta be especially rough."

"It is. But it comes with the Warden thing that we aren't going to necessarily stay together all the time," Jowan shrugged. At least this time I know she's safe. It was a good point. But he kept it to himself and changed the subject instead. "How're you feeling? Obviously well enough to get out of bed, but beyond that."

"Good, I guess?" Ezekiel glanced down at what remained of his left arm. "I mean, it hurts a little, but isn't that to be expected? And I can tell you right now, I'm probably gonna wind up fallin' on my face a couple dozen times 'cause I'll go to catch myself with that arm b'fore I remember it's not there... But hey, I can still do the books with one hand, and maybe someday we'll figure out a way for me to do the tack repairs as well. 'Til then, Owen gets to keep fightin' them." He grinned. "I'm sure he's thrilled at the prospect."

Jowan couldn't help but laugh. "You should try sounding less gleeful when you tell him about it. But it's good you have a good attitude about it and that you're thinking ahead like that." Both were indications Ezekiel was going to pull through just fine.

"Heh, thinkin's about all I'm good for right now, might as well put it to good use," Ezekiel scoffed dryly, grin quirking the corners of his mouth. "I'm the brains of this outfit, anyway."

"Some could disagree with you on that, Zeke," James teased as he stepped out onto the porch. "Specifically Colin."

"'Cause Colin would think I'm serious. Did you need somethin'?"

"Him, actually." James motioned toward Jowan. "I need to borrow him for a bit. Owen's within earshot if you need anything."

"I'll be fine. And I'll stay right here," Ezekiel promised.

"Do that," Jowan nodded, grateful the farmer looked content enough to follow through, before he stood and followed James off the porch. "What did you need me for?"

"I was about to take some food to our, ah, friends," the blond nodded his head toward the caves. "Was hopin' you'd come along an' check on Seranni, see if her fever's doin' any better."

"Oh. Sure, I can do that." Jowan tugged at the end of his ponytail.

"Thanks. I know she'll get better eventually an' all, but it's been stickin' around like holiday guests. Long past its welcome," he clarified when Jowan shot him a puzzled look. "I'm just wonderin' if the Taint's makin' it harder for her to fight regular stuff."

"I'd think havin' some level of immunity to poison would make battling everyday illnesses easier." Jowan shrugged. "But I guess it could go either way."

"And that's why I want you to check on her," James replied, pausing briefly to pick up the bag of food for Seranni and the Disciple. "Just to be safe, ya know?"

"Better safe than sorry," Jowan murmured in agreement as they two of them headed toward the cave entrance. "Aren't your brothers going to wonder where you are?"

"Maybe. But it's better than goin' in the evenin' and havin' them wonder if I'm maybe bein' less of a gentleman with Maisy than I've led them to believe."

That was hard to argue with, and Jowan simply shrugged in agreement as they made their way into the tunnels.


Seranni and the Disciple must have heard them coming, as both were watching the tunnel expectantly when Jowan and James stepped around the curve.

"I was hoping you would come," Seranni smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear. "We're beginning to run low."

"Sorry," James said sheepishly, handing her the bundle of foodstuffs he'd been carrying. "We were, uh, occupied most of the morning."

Jowan sent him a sharp look, wondering why he didn't just tell her the truth. He probably just doesn't want to upset her, given how Ezekiel's arm was injured.

"I do imagine farming is time-consuming work," she replied softly.

"And there's more of it right now since Owen's doin' Zeke's work so I have more of his." James' brow wrinkled briefly into a wince, which Jowan caught but Seranni missed.

"What's wrong with Ezekiel?" the elf asked, frowning in concern and setting aside the food.

"Oh, he, um, broke his wrist a few days back," James explained, clearing his throat. "Since you kinda need two hands for leather repairs, he's outta commission for a while."

"I hope it heals quickly..." she murmured, distracted from the conversation when the Disciple shifted uneasily. "What, Lin'sila? Is something wrong?"

It shook its head. "...No."

Seranni looked expectantly back to James. "You brother's doing alright?"

He fumbled for a minute, looking very much like he wanted to glaze over the details, before sighing and running one hand through his hair. "He was. We discovered earlier today that it had... gotten infected."

The Disciple shifted again and Seranni's eyes narrowed. "Infected?"

"...with the darkspawn Taint," James finished reluctantly. "But the Wardens took care of it-" motioning toward Jowan- "and he should be fine."

"Fine? Outside of the Architect's experiments and the Grey Wardens, I've never known anyone who contracted the Taint to be fine," she retorted, eyes now wide with worry.

"It hadn't spread past his arm," Jowan interjected, taking pity on James as he floundered in his explanation. "We amputated it and the Taint seems to be gone. Neither Velanna nor I could sense it any more."

"That easy?" She half-relaxed.


"I still feel like I should apologize or something..." Her worry trailed off in a coughing fit.

"Maybe when you're feeling better," James replied.

"Is that why he's here?" Seranni nodded toward Jowan. "I seem to recall mention of him being a healer." She winked at the mage. "Your girlfriend was bragging on you."

"Of course she was," Jowan sighed, smiling slightly. "And yes, that's why I'm here."

"Well, then. Let's get on with it. I'm just as curious as James how much longer this is going to stick around." She shifted forward and looked at him expectantly.

It didn't take long to determine that the fever was on its way out. "The cough might stick around a bit, since they usually do, but hopefully you'll be well on the way to recovered inside a week."

She brightened noticeably. "Really? That soon?"

"That soon. But only if you get enough rest."

"In other words, we need to be headin' back?" James grinned.

"Yes. I don't want to stay away too long anyway, because of Ezekiel," Jowan pointed out.

"And I probably should get back to work, b'fore Owen or Colin take me to task for slackin' off," the farmer conceded. After brief farewells, the two men headed back to the farm. Things were looking up, finally going smoothly.

Which meant Jowan was already trying to anticipate the next wrench in the works. They had an awful sense of timing, after all.
Acceptance ch 40
Yes, that wrench in the works would be Rahna's decision regarding the Disciple. Velanna was bad enough, I am not looking forward to writing Seranni's reaction to that call. But Jowan is just generally pessimistic about things; if everything is going well, obviously something's going to go wrong soon. xD

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch 39

Acceptance ch 41
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