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Wed Sep 2, 2015, 8:07 AM

Bit late with posting this, but I just wanted to let you guys know that Alex rolled a master persuade and convinced me to join  tumblr. I'm still going to be fairly active here, and post my stories here and ffnet(when it will actually let me LOG IN again grrr), but if there's PSA stuff, like this week with my internet going down, it'll most likely be posted on tumblr.

  • Reading: Deluge ~Lisa T. Bergren
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Wed Sep 2, 2015, 8:07 AM

Bit late with posting this, but I just wanted to let you guys know that Alex rolled a master persuade and convinced me to join  tumblr. I'm still going to be fairly active here, and post my stories here and ffnet(when it will actually let me LOG IN again grrr), but if there's PSA stuff, like this week with my internet going down, it'll most likely be posted on tumblr.

  • Reading: Deluge ~Lisa T. Bergren
  • Watching: Stargate: Atlantis
  • Playing: Pillars of Eternity(is harrrd)
  • Drinking: coffee
27. Seranni

The route James led them down was convoluted and confusing enough that Jerin finally gave in to temptation.

"How in the name of Mythal's tears do y' find yer way through without a map or trail markers of some kind?" he asked, more than a little incredulous.

"Believe it or not, some humans do actually have a good sense of direction," James shot back. "Also, Owen and I used to chase each other around in here. When we were kids. Trust me, one time gettin' lost in here is all it takes before you ensure it never happens again."

Jerin grunted his acceptance of the explanation, and turned his attention back to Velanna. She still looked a little pale, eyes feverish with excitement. "Safe to say you're looking forward to this, huh?"

She nodded, brushing her fingers through her bangs. "Three years, Jerin. I've been looking for her for almost three years. Of course I'm looking forward to it. She's my sister. I want to know how she's doing, where she went. Why I couldn't find her." She reached out and took his hand, linking her fingers between his. "I was actually looking for her when I, er, stumbled upon you and your friend."

Jerin felt a muscle in his jaw twitch at even the vague mention of Tamlen. He didn't want to think about Before. Adjusting to the Wardens was hard enough without dwelling on what he'd lost when he joined. Tamlen. Hahren Paivel's stories. Cracking jokes and trading wild stories with the other hunters around a campfire. Maren drifting off with her head on his shoulder...

He forcefully shook off the memories and raised Velanna's hand so he could kiss the back of it. "And I'm forever grateful that y' decided savin' my life was more important than trackin' her down."

"I'd lost the trail at that point anyway," she demurred, waving off his praise and peering at him suspiciously. "Are... Are you alright?"

Jerin nodded, giving her hand a squeeze. "Just a little envious, is all. You found your sister, or, well, almost have. You get her back. But I can never get back my best friend, my brother."

"I am sorry, Jerin," Velanna murmured. "I would have tried to save him-"

"I know," he stopped her. "It's not your fault he was worse off than me, that he attacked you. I just miss him is all. Same way you've spent the last few years missin' your sister."

James stopped ahead of them. "Okay, this is the part where I need you to keep quiet so I can explain to them that you're friends."

"Sure," Jerin acknowledged, biting the inside of his cheek as Velanna squeezed his hand hard enough he could feel the bones pressing together. "Wouldn't want any misunderstandings." He held Velanna back a couple paces as the farmer rounded the curve ahead.

They heard the quiet murmur of voices, a startled feminine gasp followed by "Here?" and James trying to remind the woman in question that she was sick and belonged in bed.

Apparently, she didn't listen, because an incredibly pale figure came flying around the corner. "Velanna?!"

Velanna dropped his hand and lunged forward. "Seranni!"

The sisters slammed together in a hug that nearly knocked Seranni off her feet, and probably would have, if she hadn't folded her arms around Velanna's neck in a hug.

"What's this I hear about you being sick?" the mage demanded, releasing her sister in order to try and examine her.

Jerin felt a chill run down his back at his first glimpse of Seranni's face. Darkspawn taint marred nearly all of the visible skin, her sunken eyes muddied by its corruption as well. Gaunt cheeks and thin blonde hair completed the living example of a ghoul's progression. The only thing more surprising than Seranni having the Taint was that Velanna didn't seemed fazed by it.

"Velanna, it's nothing," Seranni was assuring her sister when he returned his attention to the conversation. "It's just a fever. I'll be better in no time. And Lin'sila has been taking care of me in the meanwhile. As has James." Her clouded gaze flicked to him and she grinned. "But who's this with you, sister dearest? Finally started playing well with others? Or is he an exception to your rule?"

Velanna flushed, gaze darting between Seranni and Jerin. "He... He's a fellow Grey Warden, so I would have to play nice with him even if I didn't want to." A smirk lobbed in his direction. "Fortunately for him, most days I want to."

Just for that, he strode forward the few paces that separated them and kissed her soundly, ignoring Seranni's squeals. "And fortunately for you, most days I want to as well," he whispered.

Her hands lightly gripped his shoulders as she blinked at him, trying to recover her equilibrium.

"Wow, you actually left her speechless. I'm impressed," Seranni commented, earning a glare from her sister.

"Very funny," Velanna grumbled. "But there are far more important things to discuss than my love life. Like that." She pointed at the figure half-hiding in the shadows of the curving tunnel.

"What about him?" Seranni hugged her arms in against her chest, looking instantly defensive. "Like I said; he's been taking care of me. He's harmed no one. There's no reason for you to fear Lin'sila."

Lin'sila. An elven word, one that meant student, pupil. And the creature itself was certainly keeping its distance, lending credence to her words.

"Seranni, it's a darkspawn! How did you even come to be traveling with it? And why?"

"I found him not far from the human city, shortly after your commander killed the Architect." A reproachful look. "We both lost our purpose with him dead. And Velanna, look at us. D'you honestly think anyone would have allowed even me within ten feet? We both knew what it meant to be outcast. So we decided to travel together until we found a new purpose." Seranni doubled over in a coughing fit, and both Velanna and James instantly moved to help her. She tried to wave them off. "I'm... fine."

"No, you're not," James argued. "You need to lie down. You can keep talkin', but I warned you what would happen if you used up too much energy." He didn't even wait for her to protest or Velanna to back him up, just scooped Seranni off her feet and carried her around the bend in the tunnel. "You can follow, if you wanna keep talkin' to her."

"You bet your boots I want keep talking to her," Velanna muttered, eyeing the darkspawn with suspicion as she stalked after James and her sister.

Jerin couldn't honestly say he felt any more inclined to trust the creature, and waited for it to shuffle down the curve before he started walking, assuming almost a rearguard position as they all trooped down the tunnel.
Acceptance ch27
Hey guys, sorry this is so late. My internet was out Sunday through Tuesday evening.

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch26
Seranni, Velanna, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare
Jerin and James are mine
Author: FyreQueen89    
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Characters/Pairings: (rogue)f!Trevelyan/Cullen
Disclaimer: BioWare's world and characters; I own nothing. Just giving myself acute feels.
(for anyone who didn't read Victories, Xae is pronounced Shay)

"Thank the Maker you're safe."

The words echo distantly around her head, so quiet she barely marked them as strong hands pull her from the snow and hold her close. She makes a mental note to tease less about those pauldrons of his; they make a nice pillow. And they smell like him, which is a nice bonus.

She inhales one last deep breath before surrendering to the exhaustion of adrenaline letdown.


Xae listened to the advisors bicker and shout, frustrated and venting and gloriously alive-He made it, we all made it-and thought about Cullen's tone when he said the words. Quiet, relieved, reverent. Thankful. It had been a literal prayer of thanks, not a meaningless rote comment. And that made something flutter in her chest even as Mother Giselle talked of faith and the power it would hold in the coming days. He's glad I'm safe.

The feeling was quite mutual. She had a feeling he'd guessed as much, too, given that every time she glanced his way, she found him glancing at her, and they shared sheepish, blushing smiles.

This kept up all through the journey in search of a new fortress, various responsibilities preventing them from actually talking beyond brief greetings, no matter how hard Xae prayed for an opportunity. She finally gave up. Probably just as well, she consoled herself as she scrambled over a heap of boulders. Nowhere safe for a private conversation in a caravan...

Still, this was getting tedious.


Things changed when they reached Skyhold, and not just because of her appointment as Inquisitor. She tripped over her words when they discussed the losses at Haven. That was a first. Wit was her weapon when she couldn't use her bow; words a shield that never failed her--until now, apparently.

But Cullen congratulated her on her new title, assured her of his confidence in her ability to lead them, despite--because of--Haven, and all she could hear was his murmured prayer of thanks echoing in her mind.

"Escaping Haven was such a close call. I'm relieved that you- that so many made it out," Xae replied, face heating at the verbal stumble.

"As am I." His whole face softened. "It was a close call, for none more than you. You stayed behind, you- you could have... I will not allow the events of Haven to happen again. You have my word. You will be safe." He stopped, rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, as if worried he'd overstepped his bounds.

She offered him a smile in return, one she hoped was reassuring. "You can always speak your mind with me, Cullen."

He snorted. "You may regret telling me that, Inquisitor."

Xae's smile shifted into a smirk. "Oh, I doubt it," she retorted coyly, mentally tallying a point for herself as he blushed. "But I should go see who Varric has for me to meet... We can talk later."

"Of course," Cullen nodded. "I should return to my duties as well." 

They eyed each each other for a moment, not sure whether a hug or handshake or bow would be best. When Xae made up her mind and extended her hand, Cullen took it, turned it, and kissed her knuckles.

Her heart dropped to her toes, and she mentally tallied a point for him. Your move, Trevelyan.

"Congratulations on your appointment, Inquisitor," he murmured, releasing her hand and turning back to his reports.

It took her almost a whole minute to gather her wits and go meet Varric. 

I think it's safe to say the attraction's mutual...


They continued like that for some time; a dropped--broad--hint here, a lingering gaze there. Their chess match, which had been one long string of dropped hints and soft smiles. But both Commander and Inquisitor remained hesitant to be the one who broached the subject. After all, Xae mused, it was one thing to catch him looking at her with a ridiculously fond smile on his face, but quite another to actually confess he turned her insides gooey and stole her words and she was perfectly happy that way. Wouldn't change it even if she could. It wasn't until after Crestwood that she gathered the nerve to ask him if they could talk.

They adjourned to the battlements, figuring it would be safe enough from prying eyes. The rank and file did love their gossip. Cullen closed the door firmly behind them.

"It's a nice day," he commented absently, looking up at the cloud-dotted blue sky.

"What?" Xae raised an eyebrow.

"It's, um... You had something you wished to discuss?"

"I did. And not the weather."

"No? Even on a fine day like this?" Cullen smiled, face shading faintly pink. She simply raised her eyebrow higher. "I figured as much." He sighed, paced ahead a couple steps. "I can't say I haven't wondered what I would say to you if this subject arose..."

"And what's stopping you, exactly?" Xae probed, leaning against the battlements.

"I..." he sighed, met her eyes. "You are the Inquisitor. We're at war with a magister of ancient Tevinter. I didn't think it was safe, or even really possible."

"And yet, here I am," she pointed out, smirking.

"So you are," he murmured softly, like his prayer after Haven, as he stepped closer. "It seems almost too much to ask, but I want to." He bent still closer, and Xae inclined her head to meet him halfway--

"Commander, you wanted a copy of Sister Leliana's report."

Cullen wheeled on the unfortunate agent with a growled, "What?"

Xae could only imagine the look he was giving the poor man. She was too busy trying to blend in with the wall to follow the entire exchange, face heating with mingled frustration and embarrassment. "If you need to-mm!"

He kissed her. Hard and sweet and deep. Just the right length of time to leave her head spinning.

"I'm sorry," he whispered when he backed away. "That was... really nice..."

His adoring smile was going to be the death of her. But it would be a good death. No, quick, Xae, say something witty. Get your equilibrium back! "I think that was a kiss," she murmured, hand settling on his arm as she fixed him with a coy smile. "But I can't be sure. It was such a blur." She leaned toward him til their foreheads touched and whispered, "How long have you wanted to do that?"

Cullen chuckled--a bit breathless, which made something in her ludicrously happy. "Longer than I should admit. I wasn't certain how you would take it..."

She grinned. "I think you're safe. you know, if you were to do it again..."

He laughed low, sending shivers dancing down her spine. "As my lady wishes..."


The wooden case shattered against the doorframe. Xae saw it coming and stopped in her tracks just in time to avoid the majority of the splinters.

"Maker's breath, I didn't hear you enter!" Cullen gasped, chagrin writ large across his face. "I- Forgive me."

"Long as you weren't aiming at me," Xae joked, smiling reassurance. "I'm sure the box had it coming."

"I swear I didn't know you were-" He paused mid-way through skirting his desk, fingers clenching tight against the wood as his knees buckled.

"Cullen?!" She was halfway across the room in two long strides.

Face pale and jaw clenched, Cullen waved her off. "I never meant for this to interfere..."

"To the Void with 'interfering', are you alright?" she demanded.

"Yes." He nodded slowly, head bowed. "...I don't know." He looked up as her hand came to rest on his shoulder, brushing off the touch but feeling a sense of safety under her worried, blue-brown gaze. His story, the memories and words he kept locked as far away from the light of day as possible, came spilling out. He wasn't sure if it was the migraine or the understanding in her eyes that loosened his tongue so, but he told her all of it. Kinloch Hold. The torture, watching his friends die. Even Meredith, watching a woman he trusted spiral down into madness. "Can't you see why I want nothing to do with that life?"

"Of course I can." She very deliberately placed her hand back on his shoulder. "I-"

"Don't." Again he jerked away from the comforting touch. "Xae, you should be questioning me, what I've done." He paced angrily away. "I thought.. I thought it would be better this way, that I could regain some control over my life... But these thoughts won't leave me. All the lives that depend on our success... I swore myself to this cause." His head was roaring, pounding, the infernal absence singing in his veins to drive him mad... "I will not give less to the Inquisition than I did to the Chantry. I should be taking it!" His fist slammed into the bookcase, and repeated softly, "I should be taking it..."

"Right now, I don't give a damn about the Inquisition," Xae retorted fiercely, stepping close enough to box him in the corner and cup his jaw with one hand. "Is this what you want? You, Cullen Rutherford, do you want to take lyrium again?"

He stared at her for a long moment before exhaling a shaky breath. "I... No. But the memories... They've always haunted me. If they get worse, if I cannot endure this..."

She met his gaze, eyes full of conviction. "You can. I know you can. And I'm here for you, if you need me."

Cullen managed a small smile. "Then success is all but assured."

Xae smiled, stole a quick kiss. "Count on it." She stepped back, turned to leave, but he caught her arm.

"Xae. I am sorry for the... lack of restraint. I pushed harder than I should have today, it won't-"

"Cullen," she sighed, returning to him. "I don't mind. In fact, I want you to feel safe letting me see. I... care about you quite a lot, and don't want to watch you kill yourself holding it all in check." She hugged him.

He savored it, breathing in the scent of her hair. "I'll keep that in mind..."


"Be safe."

The words became theirs; a step between I like you and I love you.

Be safe. Cullen, remember to not push too hard today.

Be safe. Please keep in mind your limits, Xae.

"Be safe." A hasty farewell as she departed Skyhold, sealed with a fervent kiss full of things they couldn't find the words to say. They were spoken with conviction in the war room, repeated in desperation under Adamant's broken gates.

And Xae tested them regularly, throwing herself against red templars, bandits, Venatori. But it was the dragons that scared Cullen the most. Yes, she was the Inquisitor, but she was still human.

She brushed off his worry after the Frostback in the Hinterlands, assuring him none of them were injured beyond Dorian's healing capabilities. "We're good at this," she promised, hand cupping his jaw. "Don't worry so much."

And as he carried her, drunk and giggling and extremely affectionate, up to her room after her "celebration" with Bull, he believed her. He knew they were making regions safer, believed they knew what they were doing. One by one the dragons fell; The Storm Coast, Crestwood, The Western Approach, and Cullen stopped squeezing his lucky coin hard enough to leave indents on his palm at the words dragon hunting.

Until the Crow Fens. A dragon that should have been child's play proved to be an even closer call than Haven. Xae spent two days unconscious, twin gashes stark and red across her chest, lightning burns streaking down her arm, Cullen pacing caged loops along her balcony as he waited for her eyes to open. Be safe. Don't die. Come back. Don't leave. They all welled in his chest, mocking him, until the torturous wait was over and she opened her eyes. I love you.

Her recovery, once awake and out of the woods, was rapid. Xae was too stubborn, too driven to lay in bed when there's work to be done, and even he and Vivienne couldn't change that.

But there was something he could do. Soon as she was well enough, Cullen took her to Ferelden, to his special place from childhood, and pressed his lucky coin into her hand. "I want you to have this now."

"Why?" Her brow puckered in curiosity.

He pulled her closer, wrapping her fingers around the token and holding her hand in his. "Because I think you ran through all your luck in the Fens. And I need you safe."

"Cullen-" she began, but he cut her off with a kiss. She savored it a minute before pulling back. "I feel safer already."

"Good," he murmured, low and fierce, and kissed her again.
Okay, this has been sitting in entirely too long waiting for me to write 'just a little bit more'. The way it ends works, so I'm gonna post without having gone through The Romance Scene. Maybe I'll get to that in something else. xD This is done and polished, so it's going up. And for the record, the stupid fracking Gamordan Stormrider in the Exalted Plains is my least favorite dragon in the entire game(well, haven't fought the Sandy Howler yet, but I doubt it'll be more aggravating). That thing is RIDICULOUS. I go in with a lvl 20 char and nearly get my ass handed to me by a lvl 15 dragon. After handling Vinsomer and Hivernal without breaking a sweat. GRRRR. So, yeah. Had to incorporate that into something somewhere along the line.
Cullen and all locations belong to BioWare
Xae is my Inquisitor
26. Famous Last Words

"So, explain," Velanna demanded, crossing her arms and not-quite glaring at the blond farm boy who stood before them.

James wedged his torch into a wall crevice. "I..." He hesitated, grimaced, ran his hand through his hair again. "I just wanted to help them."

"Them?" Jerin pressed. "Who do you by 'them'?"

"There's two of them. The... man didn't talk much and kept his face covered. But his friend explained that he has scars he's ashamed of, and his voice... well, it hurts him to talk. An' Ed's pa doesn't talk much on account of gettin' caught in a barn fire a year or so back, so I figured it made sense."

"Why do they need help?" Velanna cut in before he could ramble further.

"The girl had been taking care of gettin' them supplies, since she doesn't look so, y'know, scary. But she got sick, and he's been tryin' to provide for them without scarin' people, which means sneakin' stuff at night-"

"Stealing, in a other words."

James made a face at Velanna's accusation, but didn't deny it. "Only enough to survive."

"And does his... foraging have anything to do with the signs of darkspawn taint in the area?" Jerin asked, not at all surprised when James noticeably hesitated before answering.

"I dunno... maybe?" he mumbled, shoulders hunching defensively. He kicked at a pebble.


"Probably, alright? For all I know, his scars are from a darkspawn, an' maybe he has their taint enough to spread it..."

"James, we can't help you if you keep lying to us," Velanna said bluntly.

"Yes, fine, he's a darkspawn!" James blurted in frustration. "But he's different! He's not like the normal ones, the ones that... that killed my pa. And the girl wouldn't've stuck with him so long if he was all bad."

"Why has she stuck with him?" Jerin interjected.

"I dunno, I didn't ask for their life stories or anything," James muttered. "Whatever her reasons, she's very... gentle. With him, with me."

Velanna frowned. "With you?"

He nodded. "Let's just say she's the first Dalish I've met--aside from you two--who didn't try to kill me on sight. Then again, you looked pretty ready just n-"

"What was her name?" Velanna demanded, face white in the torch's glow.


"Her name, James. Did you ever hear the Dalish girl's name??" She grabbed his arm and stared intently at him.

"Velanna, what-" Jerin began, but she held up one finger in an impatient silencing gesture.

"I didn't..." James sighed and bit his lip in thought. "Senni, Sera, something like that-"

"Seranni?" the mage supplied, fingers digging into his arm.

"Yeah, maybe... You're hurtin' my arm, an' I got work to do later, so maybe you could let go?" He pulled against her grip, and Velanna released him.

She was still pale, but something that looked like excitement colored her eyes. "Can... can you take us to her, do you know where she is?"

James eyed her skeptically. "Yeah, sure, I'll lead two Grey Wardens to the elf girl and the harmless darkspawn I found. I know how that will end."

"She's my sister, you idiot!" Velanna snapped. "I've been looking for her for almost three years and if you know where she is, I need you to show me!"

Jerin rested a hand on her arm, trying to calm her enough she didn't accidentally light James on fire. She shook him off.

"You two don't look like sisters," the blond muttered sulkily, rubbing his arm.

"And you resemble all of your brothers?" she shot back.

"Good point," he conceded. "Describe her... tattoo thing for me-" a vague gesture at her vallaslin- "and I'll take you to her." She did so in short order, and James nodded. "Alright, then. Follow me."


It took long enough to get out here that when we don't immediately find Velanna and Jerin, I refuse to turn around and leave without looking for them first. "I mean, you heard Eddin; this is the only cave in the grove. This has to be where they were going."

"Then why aren't they here?" Jowan points out as she stand in the mouth of the cave, a cautious bloom of light emanating from his staff.

"I don't know, that's why I want to look around," I explain. "Maybe they wound up tracking the darkspawn and left a clue so we can follow them."

"Something like that?" He points at the arrow scorched into the wall.

"Yep, that'll do," I confirm, approaching the wall. "Velanna must've done this... Now, where are you pointing..." It doesn't seem to be aiming anywhere, except along the wall. Until we walk closer, the shadows shifting as the angle of Jowan's staff light changes. That's when I see the fissure in the wall, just wide enough to slip through. "Oh, damn."

"What?" One of Jowan's eyebrows arcs in confusion, until he sees the small space. "Ah. Well, if they were following a full-size hurlock darkspawn, you'll definitely fit." I punch his arm. "Ow!"

"Okay, but how well am I gonna fit?  What're the chances we get stuck? What if we can't find them? What-"

"Rahna, Rahna, breathe." He goes down on one knee so we're more eye level, cupping the side of my face with his free hand. "Deep breath, in and out. Just focus on me."

I follow the instructions, pulling in several deep breaths as I concentrate on his face. Girl could get lost in those eyes if she let herself... I let myself, and it helps. Gradually the encroaching claustrophobia fades away. I brush a kiss against his cheek. "Thanks, love."

"Don't mention it." A lopsided grin. "I need you to be the fearless leader."

I laugh weakly. "That may be trickier than usual this time."

His thumb rubs against my cheek. "I have faith in you." He kisses my forehead as he stands and takes my hand. "Besides, you've got me. What could possibly go wrong?"

I giggle, this one sounding more real. "Famous last words, right?"

"I think I'm offended," he teases.

"Don't be," I return, eyeing the narrow gap. "I'd say the same thing to anyone."

"Aw, and here I thought I was special..."

I know exactly what he's doing with this steady stream of banter, and I appreciate the distraction. But we have to go through that hole in the wall sooner or later. Might as well get it over with.

"C'mon. I think you're skinny enough, you shouldn't have a problem," I rib. He just makes a face at me as the two of us inch through the fissure. 

We do both fit without too much trouble, and I'm greatly relieved by two things once we're through: the narrow tunnel doesn't stay narrow for long, and there's a clearly visible furrow trailing down the passage, probably from Velanna's staff.

"Well, at least they'll be easy to follow," Jowan remarks glibly. "No need to worry about getting lost."

"Thank the Maker for small blessings," I snark.

We follow the trail in silence, for the most part, though I can tell Jowan is both fascinated and perturbed by the realization all the caves are probably connected. To our surprise and dismay, the furrow ends abruptly just before the passage veers off in two different directions.

"You want to split up?" Jowan asks, eyes on the ground to look for clues.

"No sodding way," I shoot back. "Let's just... pick one and see where it goes."

The one we pick doesn't go far before emptying into another cave, with a similarly tight squeeze to exit. We backtrack to check the other one, but it splits in three not far past the original Y, and I have no desire to get lost underground. I'm not happy about conceding defeat, but the claustrophobia's coming back with a vengeance so concede we do, and exit through the cave to wait and see if they reappear. Hopefully, unscathed.
Acceptance ch26
So. There's a twist. *cough* One that we will further explore next week. Leaving Seranni's fate as a big ??? in Rahna's game is the one thing that made me almost bring Velanna instead of Anders to Drake's Fall, but I really wanted him, so Velanna's gone all this time not knowing what happened to her sister. Now she can get some... closure's not really quite the right word. Reassurance? Just knowing Seranni isn't dead.

And Rahna is reminded once again that her greatest enemy is not the darkspawn or the Blight. It's tight spaces(thank you, Soris. Thank you ever so much =P). Fortunately, Jowan knows what to do when she starts having trouble.

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch25

Acceptance ch27
Velanna, Jowan, Seranni, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna, Jerin, and James belong to me

Think fast! Favorite character from How I Met Your Mother? 

6 deviants said Barney
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2 deviants said Robin
2 deviants said Marshall
2 deviants said Augh, I can't pick *headdesk*
1 deviant said I LOVE THEM ALL
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No deviants said Ranjit(XD)


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