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Fri Feb 13, 2015, 4:08 AM

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that the next chapter of Acceptance might possibly be late/delayed until next week. I'm currently fighting a nasty, nasty cold, and it's blocking the muses. I'm trying to push through it, but it hasn't gone well so far. :\

In other news, while sitting around staring at the ceiling because I feel to uuuggghh to do anything more, I've started shipping two of my Inquisitors. oops.

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Great many thanks to Kiam
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4. Eluvian

I turn out to be right about the rain. And in an extra wicked twist, it starts halfway through Finn's turn on watch. A fact he complains about the next day--persistently enough Ariane half-jokingly threatens to cut out his vocal cords.

"I'm sure your fellow mages would thank me," she teases when he protests.

"Alright, fine, I get it; no more complaining about the weather," he tosses back with an injured huff. "But you know what comes after rain, don't you?"

"Oh, by all means, enlighten me," Ariane smirks.

"Mosquitoes," Finn retorts, drawing the word out ominously. "Hungry for sweet, untested mage flesh."

She snorts. "That's only in the summer, you--" I clear my throat loudly-- "sillyhead. It's too early in the year right now."

"Oh, well, it's still all muddy and wet," he grumbles. "my robes are never going to recover."

Ariane grins, clearly biting back a laugh. "And this is traveling on cared-for roads. Can't wait to drag Master Fussybritches into the woods."

I give a short laugh. "That will be, uh, fun."

"For who, me or you two hooligans?" Finn interjects.

"Oh, all of us," Ariane promises. "You'll get to see a whole bunch of plants and trees that only grow in the Brecilian Forest, and the Warden and I get to make bets on how many mudstains it'll take for you to truly flip out."

Finn looks ready to comment something less than complimentary, so I speak up quickly. "I'm sure once we find the mirror, the last thing we're going to care about is the local fauna, or counting mudstains on your robe. D'you feel like you've read up enough on scrying rituals to perform one?"

He nods. I'll probably keep reading whenever we stop to camp, just to make sure, but I'm confident I can conduct one properly."

"Good to know," I nod, grateful both that he's distracted. The last thing I need is him and Ariane sniping at each other our entire week of travel. With the current match of wits abated, the three of us walk in rarely-broken silence for a few hours.


"So let me get this straight," Ariane begins, breaking a forty five minute quiet streak. "Your name is Florian Phineas..."

"Horatio Aldebrandt, Esquire," Finn sighs. "Can't forget the Esquire. Father insisted. And have you really been thinking about that all day?"

"I just... Did your parents hate you?" she asks, gaze darting sideways as she throws a stick for Fade.

"Quite the contrary," Finn rebuts, "They adore me. I'm sure my name is just the result of overwhelming love replacing good sense."

"Whatever lets you sleep at night..." Ariane mutters.




The on and off bantering continues through the whole trip. It does get decidedly more congenial--friendly teasing instead of sniping--around the third day. I almost drop to my knees to thank the Maker, but decide against it. If I make a big deal about this, they may revert to old habits. So I play fetch with my dog and don't say a word. Just as Ariane predicted, it takes a week to get to the cavern that holds the mirror. Also just as she predicted, Finn is not happy regarding the number of mudstains on his robes as we make our way through the forest.

To my great surprise, there are actually people in the subterranean ruin. Well, sort of. Elves who have fallen to the Blight and became ghouls. Needless to say, they aren't happy to see us. Given that they're armed and angry, we aren't thrilled to see them, either. Ariane does still murmur Dalish rites for the departed as one by one they fall.

The door Ariane says we need is, of course, locked. And not just locked but enchanted to only open with the key--which Finn only thinks to tell me after I've bent my second-best lockpicks in the keyhole.

"That would've been nice to know," I grumble, glaring at the door. "Guess we better go find the key, huh?"

Fortunately, the tainted elves make that step easier for us. When they see us coming down the hallway they start hissing admonitions at each other to protect the key master. This tells me two things. First, that there's a person holding the key rather than it being buried under a rock or something, and second, that wherever they congregate the thickest is most likely where we need to go. So we follow the 'trail' of angry, armed, tainted elves through the halls until we find the key master--a horribly tainted elven mage with fire at his fingertips and the key hanging around his neck.

"Got a plan?" Ariane asks when I grab her arm to keep her from just charging in.

"Yeah." I survey the layout of the room. "Finn, you get crowd control--" I nod toward the trio of elves that guard the mage-- "I'll help with that and distract old fire fingers there, and Ariane, you take him out while he's focused on me."

"Got it," she whispers, carefully drawing her swords to keep them from ringing and giving away our position. Finn nods understanding as well.

"Okay, then... go!" I rush directly at the mage, Fade only half a step behind me--which quickly turns into barreling past me--but he gets drawn off by one of the guards. The other two, I note as I roll under a gout of flame, are stationary. Stuck. And Finn is not wasting the opening his paralysis spell gave him. It turns out to be a very good thing he's so prompt in finishing them off. Even as Fade rids himself of the elf he was fighting and the mage slides limp and dead off Ariane's sword, I hear our mage shriek. Honest to Andraste shriek. Considering it's because a spider twice the size of Fade almost landed on his head, I understand that reaction completely. Ariane and I are still going to give him grief about it, of course. But giant spiders were enough to make Alistair scream like a girl--probably why Morrigan shifted into one as much as possible--so Finn can be allowed one high-pitched shriek. And this spider is a tough old thing. It's been corrupted, tainted by the mirror like everything else down here.

It hisses angrily and launches a ball of webbing at me, one that spreads too far for me to avoid it entirely. It definitely slows me down; having to fight the sticky strands. Fortunately, Ariane and Fade are right behind me, and they both charge past to deal with the spider and distract it from Finn. I cut away just enough of the webbing that it no longer restricts my movements and dive into the fray myself. A spider's legs are its biggest vulnerability, and we take full advantage of that fact. Well, Fade just charges straight at it, undeterred by the clumps of beady eyes. Ariane and I set about hacking at its legs. Even tough as it is, it can only withstand so much, and when it lunges at me, I hastily maneuver my sword into a position where the spider impales itself. I still have to crawl out from under the spasming corpse, but it's better than having a live spider on top of me.

Ariane and Finn still look wary as I regain my feet, and they both maintain a defensive posture until I've pulled the key from around the slain mage's neck. Once we make it that far with nothing attacking us, they relax.

"Alright, let's try this again..." I mutter, smearing spider ichor off my armor with one hand. We head back to the door, and I breathe a quick prayer as I slide the key into the lock. It settles and turns easily, much to my relief. "Here we go..." I push the door open and we enter the chamber beyond.


Nothing from the descriptions we've read, or Finn's lectures on the subject could prepare me for the sight that greets my eyes. The mirror towers over us, twelve feet tall at least--not counting the raised pedestal on which it rests--flanked by carven-stone warriors and nestled in the root of some great three far above our heads.

"I can't believe this is one of the lost Eluvians," Finn breathes, staring in open-mouthed astonishment. "It's magnificent! ...And broken," he sighs, gaze turning forlorn as it roams over the shattered glass that still clings to the arching frame. "Mostly broken."

"So how big a piece do you need for a scrying ritual?" I prod, carefully mounting the steps and crouching by the pool of shattered glass.

"The size of my hand would be ideal," he replies, still staring at the carvings that cover the frame. "But I could work with anything that's at least half the size of my palm."

With these criteria to go on, we start gingerly sorting through the glass. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long--or too many injuries--to find a good sized piece. I carefully wrap it in an old shirt, for both its protection and mine, before stashing it in my pack, trying to ignore the stinging cut across the back of my fingers.

Finn notices the blood, however, and though he looks a touch woozy at the sight of it, insists I let him heal it before we move on. "We don't know what we're going to encounter going forward. The last thing we need is for that to start festering and get oozy."

"Fine, fine," I sigh, holding out my hand. He's a decent healer, but whether through lack of experience on his part or the cut going deeper than it looks, there's still a scar across my fingers when he's finished. "Good enough." I have so many scars, what's one more? Enough to set Jowan worrying again, part of me whispers, but I shove it away.

"Alright, we have the shard of the Eluvian, but we still need the Light of Arlathan," Finn muses, still staring regretfully at the broken mirror. "We should head to Cadash Thaig. You know, whenever you're ready," he adds hurriedly, I guess so it doesn't seem like he's trying to take over our... expedition.

"Might as well get this over with," I mutter as we head for the exit. I'm mentally calculating how long it'll take us to get there, and not particularly happy with the numbers I'm getting. Two weeks just to get to Orzammar, and then up to another week in the Deep Roads--I can already feel myself getting claustrophobic--to reach the thaig.

Oh, yeah. This is gonna be fun.
Acceptance ch 4
Alright, sorry for the delay. I was sick a couple weeks ago, and that really cut into my writing time. But all better now, and ready to keep this moving forward.

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch 3
Finn, Ariane, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna is mine
Title: Making Adjustments
Author: FyreQueen89
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Characters/Pairing: m!Lavellan/Cassandra
Disclaimer: Dragon Age and all associated characters/locales/events belong to BioWare. All I get out of this is enjoyment and writing practice

The Inquisitor had been gone for half an hour at least before anyone noticed he was missing. Quite an accomplishment, considering how many people there were to avoid if he wanted to slip away unseen. But he was Dalish, Cassandra reminded herself as she sheathed her sword and slung her shield at her back. Most of the wandering clans were very good at shirking notice when they wanted to, and just because Tighe had never chosen to do so before did not mean he lacked the ability. The Seeker's fingers tapped impatiently against the pommel of her sword as she waited for the guards to open the gate.

Her breath frosted in the mountain air as she gave directions to the volunteers who had agreed to help look for the missing elf. Leliana had offered up a large number of her scouts, as well as pointing out Tighe may have simply needed to clear his head. There was a lot riding on his shoulders, after all, more than even a clan's First would be used to handling. Cassandra had to admit there was some validity to that; she could recall multiple occasions she'd found the mage hiding in an abandoned tower, or tucked in a back corner of Skyhold's garden, trying to get a moment's peace from all the responsibility getting shoved on him. She smiled to herself, remembering the ice warrior he'd created, magic allowing it to cling to the stone of the pillar far longer than would be expected. The scouts and other volunteers scattered in their assigned directions and Cassandra turned her attention back to the task at hand. This was not a task to undertake while distracted, whether by mental images of a lopsided grin, thinly veiled adoration shining from eyes so blue they were almost purple, or memories of a low voice sending shivers racing down her back as he asked Shall we read another? It still boggled her mind that both of those men were Tighe. The adjustment to finding someone who was not only willing but eager to give her the storybook romance she dreamed of was enough on its own. On top of that, she had to reconcile that storybook paramour with the goofy, sarcastic flip side of his personality. It helped, she supposed, that his snarky sense of humor never fully went away. Even as he wooed her with candles and poetry, there was a mischievous gleam in his eyes. She also supposed it was only fair she wrap her head around that, considering Tighe had to reconcile the brash warrior who always charged in with the mushy idealist who positively devoured smutty romance serials. There were... adjustments to be made on both parts.

Right now she just wanted to find him. He'd never actually left Skyhold proper in search of solitude before. And she knew several of his hiding places were still secrets known only to him and her, so she couldn't understand what made this time different. It had her worried, more than she expected. And then it hit her. The grove. Cassandra abruptly altered her course to head for the place Tighe had shown her exactly how serious he was about pursuing her.


There were no candles this time as she entered the small grove. And the dark-haired mage wasn't waiting for her with a poetry book in hand and a goofy grin plastered across his face. He was sitting under one of the trees near the edge, bare feet braced against the rock and knees hugged into his chest. Cassandra huffed out a small, surprised breath. "Inquisitor?"

He jumped, head snapping around to see who had found him. "Shoulda known it would be you," he muttered, not bothering to wipe away the moisture clinging to red-rimmed eyes as he turned back to staring out at the landscape that stretched before them.

"Where..." She hesitated, debating the wisdom of the question, and then decided she was too curious not to ask. "Where are your shoes?"

"...I didn't wear them," Tighe admitted, more to his knees than her. "I'm still adjusting to them, and they hurt my feet." His toes flexed self-consciously against the rock. "I just needed to leave them off for once. And the grass feels good."

This time Cassandra bit back the comment that wanted to follow as she sat next to him. "I suppose those boots would be awfully uncomfortable for someone who isn't used to them," she said instead.

He nodded, sniffled. "Exactly."

"Tighe." She cautiously, almost gingerly, rested one hand on his arm. He didn't pull away. "What's wrong?"

"They're gone." His voice cracked, and the brief but valiant effort to keep his composure failed after a couple seconds. "All of them."


"My clan." Tighe fumbled in his pocket and produced a crumpled and streaked piece of parchment Cassandra noted resembled one of Leliana's reports. "All of them. My family, my friends... They're dead."

The Seeker took the parchment from the mage, using both hands to uncurl it enough to read the hasty missive penned within. "It does say some were scattered. There is still hope."

Tighe shook his head. "I'm not that lucky," he mumbled, tears tracking down his cheeks. "I have--had two sisters, did I ever tell you that? Our parents died of sickness a few years back, but I did a pretty decent job of keeping Senni and Lira on the proverbial straight and narrow. And they still thought I was a pretty awesome big brother. Though Sen did put a frog in my bed more than once..." He swiped half heartedly at his tears and tried to smile. "Sisters, right?"

"I never did any such thing to Anthony," Cassandra huffed in pretend indignation. "I much preferred to use beetles."

He laughed shakily, shooting her a grateful smile. "She used those a couple times, too. Frogs are easier to keep track of, I guess."

"And to catch," Cassandra pointed out.

"You make an excellent point, Seeker." The mage sighed. "I just can't believe she'll never pick on me again. And I'll never tug her braids, and Lira's never going to tease me about finding a girlfriend..."

"Such a shame," the warrior commented dryly before sobering. "I am sorry for your loss."

"Thanks." Tighe lifted one shoulder in a shrug. "Honestly, it's felt like I was losing them for a while. I walk around wearing shem armor, judging sh-humans who have wronged the Inquisition, I'll go weeks at a time without even thinking about my family or friends. Used to be a day didn't pass without me spending some time with Sen and Lira both. Oh, and I never heard the end of it if I didn't consent to at least one race with Hadrel. Footraces, climbing races, swimming races, he changed it every time. Probably because I usually won. And in the spirit of best friends, gave him plenty of grief for it. And now it's just hitting me..." He stared at his feet and sighed. "I'd never worn shoes before the conclave."

"So getting the letter made you feel guilty?" Cassandra tried, scrambling to keep up with the abrupt shift. "Like you were losing your heritage?"

"Like I was giving it up," he corrected. "Piece by piece, with every adjustment I made to being the Herald, being the Inquisitor. It just felt right to mourn them... like this." He wiggled his toes, staring at them absently.

"Makes sense to me," she replied softly, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

"I don't know who I am without them," Tighe admitted in a whisper, leaning into the comfort she offered.

"You are still you," Cassandra retorted, voice fierce and low as she held him close. "You are infuriatingly light-hearted, incapable of taking things seriously, an incredibly talented mage, fair, surprisingly romantic, wonderful, the man I've fallen in love with... Need I go on?"

"No, I think you hit all the important points." A ghost of a smile played at his lips, though he lacked the usual twinkle in his eye. "Thank you, Cassandra." He shifted position, stretching slightly to reach for a kiss.

She savored the press of his lips against hers. "You are very welcome." They sat in silence for a long time after that, the mage coming to terms with his lost clan, the Seeker resolving to have a serious chat with the Inquisition's spymaster when they returned.


It was over a month before her conversation with Leliana bore fruit, but it was more than worth the wait. Tighe had come around, teasing and mostly back to his old self, and Cassandra smiled as he rambled and joked and confessed to pranks he and Sera had pulled. Mid-story he froze, staring at the gates like he was seeing a ghost. Or two, Cassandra mentally amended as she followed his gaze and felt her own grin widen.

To anyone else, the two elves would have been nondescript at best, vagabonds at worst; the man leaning heavily on the thin frame of his female companion. Beggars to grant a coin and then send on their way. But Tighe went bolting across the courtyard the moment he laid eyes on them. The female slipped free and ran towards him, the two of them meeting in the middle with the joyful clash of reunited siblings.

The Seeker couldn't have stopped grinning if she'd wanted to, watching the man she loved cling to a sister he thought he'd lost. She gave him a few minutes with the new arrivals before she walked over to join them.

Tighe was beaming. "Did you...?" he whispered around another hug from his sister.

"I may have encouraged Leliana to look for survivors," Cassandra shrugged, gratified the strong nudge had paid off.

"Well, Seeker Pentaghast," the grinning elf began, turning so he could wrap an arm around the shoulders of each new arrival. "I'd like to introduce you to my sister Lira and best friend Hadrel. Lethallin, this is Cassandra. She helped form the Inquisition, and she and I are head over heels in love."

From the squeak Lira emitted at that revelation, Cassandra was willing to bet his sister's reaction was the main reason Tighe shared that information so easily, a devil's gleam in his eyes. From the inquisitive joy that washed over the girl's face, the warrior would have laid money there was one more adjustment she'd be making for Tighe Lavellan; subject of the interrogation brewing in his sister's eyes.

But seeing how happy he was reunited with at least some of the people he'd thought lost, Cassandra decided that was an adjustment she would quite happily make.
Making Adjustments
Say hello to how I spent my Sunday, since I was snowed in and couldn't go anywhere. :dummy: I've been wanting to write something more for Tighe and Cass for a while, and decided to combine a couple things I wanted to touch on: Lavellan adjusting to wearing shoes and fixing the fact nobody really says anything if you screw up the 'Protect Clan Lavellan' mission series and your clan gets wiped out. Since Tighe's the only one of my Lavellans whose family's developed in my head, and I did pick the wrong advisor(I think I did Josephine on one that should have been Leliana?)so this is canon for him, he got the honors. So ANGST. That is in no way related to Solavellan. It's a miracle. /sarc Hopefully I'll get to write more with Lira and Hadrel and explore how their being at Skyhold will influence Tighe. Hadrel especially, since he is very, um, Dalish. (Also, putting this here for my own future reference, Lira has Ghilan'nain's vallaslin, and Hadrel has Dirthamen's)

Cassandra, Skyhold, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Tighe, Lira, and Hadrel are mine
Title: Love Is...
Author: FyreQueen89
Game: Mass Effect/Dragon Age(snippets of each)
Pairings: f!Shepard/Kaidan, m!Lavellan/Cassandra, m!Shepard/Jack, f!Amell/m!Cousland, f!Hawke/Sebastian, f!Lavellan/Solas
Disclaimer: Characters and worlds belong to BioWare

Love is his hands. The way they linger on her hips before Kaidan pulls her into a kiss. The quiet strength in his grasp when he--on occasion--helps her up after and ill-advised charge. Later it's those same strong, calloused fingers curled over hers around the handle of a skillet as he teaches her how to cook(and distracts her so horribly whispering in her ear the first attempt ends in charcoal and smoke detectors blaring). Later still, it's there as he cups her face in both hands, peppering her with gentle, desperately relieved kisses--over bandages, gingerly around the broken cheekbone and black eye, so so happy he didn't lose her again Emily feels she may explode from the sheer force of his joy, never mind her own. Those hands help and cajole and push when needed all through the (at times hellish) PT--no matter how much she moans and glares. His hand rests on her back, rubbing small circles to comfort, when the nightmares and flashbacks drag her screaming and disoriented from her sleep. Those hands deftly and gently cradle their children, and best of all, those hands fit perfectly with hers.


Love is finding an amazing, badass warrior who could most likely kill him with her pinkie adorable. Love is the feel and weight of a leather-bound poetry book in his palm, skin clammy from the nerves as Cassandra gapes at the candles--which took forever to light--and he prays desperately he doesn't screw this up. It's her hands flying to her mouth when she realizes what he's doing, covering a grin like the sun. It's cracking wise about her list to cover a racing heart, a lopsided grin as he hands over the poetry book, his heart on his sleeve(and maybe in his eyes; he's never been good at subtle) as he asks if she wants to read another. Love is that night, their night, promises to protect, to never leave, wrapped in kisses and gentle touches, neither quite able to believe this is real. It's being breathless in wonder as it sinks in that it's very real.


Love is his heart in his throat as Jack finally cashes in her rain check to go dancing, not wanting to let her down. It's her dragging his hands away from running over his leg for the dozenth time as he dresses, playfully demanding that he knock that sh-crap off. It's having her arm tucked in his at Commander Shepard's first public appearance since the Reaper War. It's being speechless all over again watching her dance in that backless halter top dress with the thigh-high slit--the one she knows drives him crazy--and her clearly enjoying every second of what she's doing to him. It's her seamlessly covering when his prosthetic hitches briefly mid-dance. It's deciding they're too horny to hang around this sushi stand--phrasing Jack uses just to rile him, he's pretty sure--and bugging out for home. It's clothes haphazardly removed and scattered through the apartment, fingernails digging into his shoulder blade just below the tattoo that shows the galaxy Charlie Shepard belongs to her. It's falling asleep in a tangle of limbs and blankets, knowing with comforting certainty they'll both be there in the morning.


Love is reverently soft kisses pressed against the freckles that dust her shoulders, the moniker Wife whispered in her ear like something out of a dream. One she can't actually believe came true. It's long--usually muddy--walks through the woods, a dark-haired boy clinging to each of them, eager to show their parents the new treasures they discovered this time. It's stolen moments away from the boys, the Wardens, everything(mostly paperwork). It's judicious use of sleep spells against nobles who go too far badmouthing Harvey(say what you like about her, but her fuse isn't nearly so long when it comes to her boys--all three of them). It's stopping short around a corner and grinning to herself as he explains to someone(for the umpteenth time)that yes, he knew she was a mage when he married her, no, there was no bewitching involved, yes, he really loves her, and honestly, since he doesn't care, they can shove their opinion. It's days spent fighting evil and chasing children and nights spent nestled together like puzzle pieces, enjoying the quiet moments before sleep claims them. It's the promise of tomorrow and freedom from the past.


Love is carrying on. Not because he wants to; because he needs to. Love is seeing Astrid in Eilidh's eyes. It's making himself get up every morning no matter how badly it hurts. It's watching their daughter grow and sending sad, knowing smiles toward the sky. Yu would be so proud of our girl, sweetheart. It's tears caught by his pillow long after That Day. It's wondering how he'll carry on without her, and finding the answer every time their daughter smiles.


Love was leaving. He was still trying to convince himself of that as Skyhold faded in the distance. No matter how much it hurt--her or him--this was the right thing to do. His struggle would be long, and even longer now without the orb that lay shattered in the wreckage that had once been Haven. He could not tell her, because she would offer to help, and he knew with aching certainty this road was one he had to walk alone. As much as he hated doing it, in the long run, Solas knew this was the surest sign of his love he could give.

Love was following. Every lead, every hint Leliana's people dug up that could point her to him. It was praying desperately to see him in her dreams, to get a chance to talk to him, ask him to let her help. No matter how hard the road was going to be, she'd sworn to find him. It was smirking to herself at the irony whenever she heard a fellow Dalish mutter Dread Wolf take you, because oh, how she wished he had. It was cursing the dead ends and sleepless night they caused. It was turning as much of the Inquisition as she could to the task of tracking down a single 'elven apostate'. One thing she was sure of, Aiva decided as her fingers grasped the wolf's jaw talisman that now hung around her neck, love was never giving up.
Love Is...
So, I meant to submit this yesterday for Valentine's Day, but one of my coworkers was even sicker than me(like, nearly passed out sick) so I wound up having to work a longer shift. So you get fluffy snippets with some of my BioWare game couples today instead. :dummy: I needed an excuse to start flexing the muses as I recover from my cold, and I always need practice writing snippets. Also, with how well BioWare does romance it just made sense. I'm very happy I got something in there from Charlie and Jack, as well as Tighe and Cass. It makes up for not getting Rahna or any of the Star Wars muses to talk to me(I really wanted to put some Silver/Corso in here, guyysss. And some Carth/Kenna because I'm replaying KotOR and my GOD the NOSTALGIA FLLYYYYBOOOYYYY <33333) :cough: ANYWAY. It gets a bit angsty at the end, sorry 'bout that. Y'all know I love Aiva too much to leave her out. (It was also written as a first to talk, first served thing; the first six snippets I got are the ones in here, since I'm too doped on cold meds to try and coax out the more reluctant ones--even if some of you might know them better)

So happy belated Valentine's Day! :la:
All established characters/worlds(Kaidan, Cassandra, Jack, etc) belong to BioWare

Emily, Tighe, Charlie, Trinne, Astrid, and Aiva belong to me

Harvey belongs to freethegoats


Fri Feb 13, 2015, 4:08 AM

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that the next chapter of Acceptance might possibly be late/delayed until next week. I'm currently fighting a nasty, nasty cold, and it's blocking the muses. I'm trying to push through it, but it hasn't gone well so far. :\

In other news, while sitting around staring at the ceiling because I feel to uuuggghh to do anything more, I've started shipping two of my Inquisitors. oops.

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam
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