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Thu Nov 12, 2015, 5:05 AM

Sooo, life is crazy, but what else is new? xD

I feel like a bad writer, but what free time I've had the past... week, I've been playing SWTOR. Trying to get my Agent (Jaaide) through all the expac stuff so I can run Knights of the Fallen Empire with someone who's actually gone through the game (I checked it out with an auto-60 Hunter first :P). And see how flirting with Theron pans out.

So far he's absolutely 100% worth having skipped Vector just this once. There's not an ounce of chill between him and Jaaide. It's hysterical. I actually had to restart one conversation because I was laughing so hard at the two of them I missed some of the dialogue. 

So, yeah, I'm using my time in an adult and productive manner. *whistles innocently*


006 by FyreQueen89

(And what I wouldn't have given for flycam ;P)
JaaideTheronKiss2 by FyreQueen89
TheronLetter by FyreQueen89

RomanceStart by FyreQueen89
RomanceKiss by FyreQueen89
(still want flycam, cuz c'mon, is one decent angle-shot of a kiss too much to ask? ;P)

  • Reading: Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn
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Thu Nov 12, 2015, 5:05 AM

Sooo, life is crazy, but what else is new? xD

I feel like a bad writer, but what free time I've had the past... week, I've been playing SWTOR. Trying to get my Agent (Jaaide) through all the expac stuff so I can run Knights of the Fallen Empire with someone who's actually gone through the game (I checked it out with an auto-60 Hunter first :P). And see how flirting with Theron pans out.

So far he's absolutely 100% worth having skipped Vector just this once. There's not an ounce of chill between him and Jaaide. It's hysterical. I actually had to restart one conversation because I was laughing so hard at the two of them I missed some of the dialogue. 

So, yeah, I'm using my time in an adult and productive manner. *whistles innocently*


006 by FyreQueen89

(And what I wouldn't have given for flycam ;P)
JaaideTheronKiss2 by FyreQueen89
TheronLetter by FyreQueen89

RomanceStart by FyreQueen89
RomanceKiss by FyreQueen89
(still want flycam, cuz c'mon, is one decent angle-shot of a kiss too much to ask? ;P)

  • Reading: Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn
  • Drinking: coffee
Title: Tidal Wave
Author: FyreQueen89
Game: SWtOR
Characters/Pairings: f!Smuggler/Corso Riggs, brief appearance by Theron Shan at the beginning
Disclaimer: I own nothing except Silver's personality. The feels just won't leave me be. 

It was funny, Silver mused as she stared at the entry hatch to her ship, how much things could change and yet stay the same. Five years and the Corellian Angel's hull hadn't changed a bit. But she knew inside would be a different story.

Her feet wouldn't move. She could feel Theron watching her, knew she should thank him for finding her ship at least. But all she could do was stand and stare at the door, half expecting her crew to pop out and yell "Surprise!"

They didn't.

Theron cleared him throat, gave her a nudge. "The door's not going to open itself, Captain."

Silver managed a weak chuckle. "Sorry, Theron. There's... I have a lot of memories on this rust bucket. Almost all of 'em are good, even. And knowin' he-- the people I made a lot of 'em with ain't there... It's tough."

"Well, then..." He gave her shoulder a sympathetic squeeze. "I'll give you and your memories some time alone. To try and wrap your head around all this Outlander business. I'm sure Lana's got something I can do..."

"Thanks." She mustered up a smile and kept it in place until he had ambled back inside. Then she let it drop and gathered all her courage to step forward and key in her entry code. Her hands hadn't shaken this badly since the aftermath of her first firefight. Gritting her teeth, Silver balled  her hands into fists to stop the tremors and stepped inside. The familiar metallic smell of paint, sweat, and engine grease--with just a hint of blaster cleaner--hit her like a tidal wave. But that was it. As she walked farther into the ship, mounted the short flight of stairs to the main corridor, there were no more waves of emotion. It was as if she was sleepwalking. Or numb. Or something. The Angel had been her home her entire life, and even more since Ord Mantell. Since Corso and the rest of her crew. So why did she feel like a stranger in her own ship?

Silver forced her leaden feet to move, pacing down the hallway past where Risha should've been, Bowdaar, Guss. Akaavi's door was shut. Silver strode deliberately past it, knowing it would be as empty as where all her other friends should have been. After a walk that was somehow both too long and too short, she found herself outside her cabin. Their cabin.

Like Akaavi's, the door was shut. The first traces of irrational apprehension set in as she reached for the door controls. You're being silly, she scolded herself. You're not gonna find a dead body or anything horrible in there. This is your ship, Silver Riggs. Your cabin. Just go in. She slapped the door controls, fighting the overwhelming urge to squeeze her eyes shut.

It looked like she remembered, which was a relief and yet somehow also a letdown. The bed was still a half-made mess--neither she nor Corso ever cared enough to make it properly--the covers were the same, all the fixtures. Except for two things: the workbench shoved in the corner was empty-clean and all the holos were switched off. She couldn't do anything about the vanished gun paraphernalia, but she did flick the holos back on, smiling sadly to herself. She knew why they'd been off. They were off because five years had passed, because that was a hell of a long time to stare at pictures of a missing wife, because Corso was only human and had to have limits. One of the holoprojectors sputtered and fritzed but didn't turn back on when she pressed the switch. Frowning, Silver picked it up and moved to sit on the bed, working off the access plate and tinkering with the innards until she reconnected a dislodged wire, running her thumb over a fairly obvious dent in the casing, and the image flickered on.

"Ah, so that's why you look like you got thrown at a wall," she murmured under her breath. The holo was one Risha had snapped on the sly when they were on Calius saj Leeloo, while Silver and Corso were distracted by an absolutely gorgeous sunset. Silver hadn't even noticed until Risha presented her with the holo as a 'belated wedding present'. It was her favorite picture of the two of them--natural, relaxed, and acting very "coupley"--which Corso knew. Her fingers tightened around the dented projector as she wondered how many years of her being gone it had taken before he threw it at the wall. One? Two? 

Only way to know would be to find him, but at the moment all she could do was sit on the edge of their bed and fight against the urge to cry as all the emotions she hadn't been feeling crested and came crashing down. Walking through the deserted ship was bad enough. Staring at tangible evidence of how badly her absence had hurt the person who meant more to her than anyone or anything in the galaxy was so, so much worse.

Five years. She'd been frozen in carbonite longer than she and Corso had been married before the expedition to Wild Space. Before she'd told him to make tracks and Marr's flagship had exploded. After five years, is he even still hoping for the impossible?

"I don't care what anyone else says. You can't be dead..."
 His message danced through her head, mocking and giving hope at the same time. She had no idea how long ago he'd sent it; if he still believed the words he'd written. "...get to Port Nowhere and send me the signal. I'll come running." A glimmer of a smirk tugged her lips. Her farm boy was almost as stubborn as she was. Of course he still believed it. Silver pushed off the bed, taking the holo with her. As she exited the ship, she wondered what it would take to talk her way into a detour by Port Nowhere.

It was worth a shot.

"Come home. I love you, sawbones."

Love you, too, farm boy.
Tidal Wave
Oh, look. MORE FIC. Because I stumbled across Corso's letter to the Smuggler if you romanced him and it was too perfect and too Corso and I had too many feels. Also, I spent the entirety of KotFE going "Where the %$@* is my crew, Lana?!"and then all I got back was my ship. ;P So of course since Silver's my baby, my brain went to wondering how she'd feel about having the ship back but not the people. Brief appearance from Theron because why not? And he was apparently the one in charge of finding your ship, so it made sense and I am sort of Theron trash now, but this was written before that change occurred xD

Final note; I think I really need to write that honeymoon piece. I keep referencing it, it needs to actually happen. Or it'll be my version of The Noodle Incident in Calvin and Hobbes ;P
Silver is my Smuggler, all other referenced characters belong to BioWare, and Star Wars belongs to Disney
Title: Luck of the Draw
Author: FyreQueen89
Characters/Pairings: f!Smuggler/Corso Riggs
Disclaimer: Universe and characters aren't mine; just Silver's personality. ; ) The plot bunnies just wouldn't shut up

She should have known. Things had been so quiet, flowed so well, since Ziost, she should have guessed something would frang up the works now. Her luck had to run out eventually.

Silver stared for a moment at the unfamiliar ships that filled space around them and cursed under her breath as she moved to sweep the ship for enemies. The white-plated droids were a decent challenge, she had to give them that, but not good enough to stop her. She still wished she had Corso here, watching her back, instead of stuck on the Angel most likely going crazy. 

As if to prove her right, her comlink twittered. "Sil?!"

"C'mon, Riggs, what did we promise Dodonna not even a month ago?" Silver teased in an undertone, crouching behind a stack of supply crates to pick off a trio of enemy troops.

"'Pologies, Captain," Corso sighed, relief evident in his voice. "You know protocol's the first out the airlock when I'm worried about you."

"You're forgiven," she chuckled, easing around a bend in the hallway. "Didja need something? Other than hearin' the sultry sound of my voice?"

"Yeah, actually, we do. Much as I enjoy hearin' the sultry sound of your voice for no r-"

"Great job keeping it professional, you two," Risha's voice cut in. "You promised the Senator; none of the flirting under fire business on public com channels. Boss, whoever these new kids are, they fused the docking clamps. We can't take off and can't get out. Anything you can do about it on your end?"

"I'll hafta see," Silver replied. "Gimme a couple minutes, it's pretty intense out here."

"Not the sort of thing I wanna be hearin' right now, Captain," Corso chipped in.

"I'm a big girl, Riggs. I'll be fine. An' I'll have y'all free in no time," she promised.


She shut off the comlink. They really had promised to keep it professional after the Ilum fiasco, and she was on the verge of threatening to kiss him just to shut him up. Taking a deep breath, Silver huffed flyaway hair out of her eyes and started for the docking bay. Hopefully, whatever'd been done to the hatch would be easy enough for her to undo.


Turned out, the seared hatch was the least of her worries--standing guard over the corridor was a huge, hulking droid with augmented armor plating. Its eyes flickered orange and Silver cursed softly. Stealth detection upgrades. No way she was sneaking past this mook. She'd have to fight it.

Can't remember the last time I did this alone... the smuggler thought wryly, missing Corso like an absent limb. She tightened her grip on Sparkles, gritted her teeth, and unleashed one-woman hell.

The droid was one tough son of a schutta, and by the time she was pumped her third scattergun round into its head--just to be safe--Silver was very much worse for the wear. She gingerly prodded at the worst of it--the nasty gash its vibrosword had opened across her ribs; stinging like fire and deep enough to be trouble later. Corso would give her grief about it for sure. You said you were a big girl, Cap he'd tease, then pull her into a hug and kiss the top of her head. Never scare me like that again.

No promises, farm boy. You knew that when ya married me 
she'd retort--but she'd enjoy the hug anyway.

Shaking off the vision, Silver pressed one hand against the nasty wound and limped over to the hatch controls. Gotta get 'em free... As she scanned the various parts, her hands moved in a well-rehearsed dance, applying a snythskin patch to her side, smearing bacta on lesser but still aching injuries, before resting on the hatch controls. She pushed and wheedled and finagled, but the mechanism refused to budge. Silver raked a hand through her hair before swearing and crouching to yank off the access panel. This was shaping up to be a historic bad day, even by her standards. You should check the com, a voice in her head nudged. She shrugged and indulged it.

"-ptain? Captain?!" Corso sounded agitated and more worried than she'd ever heard him, the dull clank of his footsteps as he paced the cockpit underlying the words. "I swear on Angel's engines, Silver Riggs, if anything happened to you, me an' those ronto-brains'll be havin' words-"

"Don't go swearin' by parts of my ship," Silver chided him good-naturedly, examining the mess inside the console. "She'll get huffy. You don't want Angel gettin' huffy, do ya?"

"Perish the thought," he retorted, but she could hear the relief in his voice. "What happened?"

"Eh, chewed through a dozen or so goons, proved once again that the bigger they are the harder they fall, an' now I gotta tell you, Cor- Riggs; it's not lookin' good out here. The hatch is completely fused on this end. I'd need heavy duty weldin' gear an' four or five hours to get it open, neither of which I have. I might be able..." she stretched, gritting her teeth as her ribs protested the move, fiddled with a few wires. " break the docking clamp seal."

There was a loud clank from the opposite side of the hatch, and Corso let out a whoop. "That did it, Sil! Um, thanks, Captain."

Silver chuckled, picturing the glare Risha must've tossed his way. Be professional, you promised. Now for the hard part. "Anything for my crew. Now, Riggs, I want you to make skylines."

"What?!" His volume increased drastically--probably a combination of that bombshell and him dropping into the pilot's seat, closer to the com mic.

"You heard me. Run for it," she snapped, wincing as she tested a sore elbow's range of motion.

"No franging way!"

"Corso..." Silver huffed an impatient sigh. "We're not gonna win here. Go."

"What first mate leaves his captain facin' those odds?" Corso grumbled. "I'm not-"

"Corso, stop arguin' and just leave, dammit!" she cut him off. "It's gonna get ugly, an' I'm not gonna have your deaths on my head, too. So make. Tracks."

"Sil..." All pretense of professionalism was gone, leaving stripped-down desperation in its wake.

"I love you, farm boy," she promised, leaning against the bulkhead and swallowing the emotions surging up her throat. If she got him killed she'd never forgive herself.

"Love you too, sawbones," he muttered back, sounding even more unhappy about this arrangement than she was. "Risha, you got us a clear shot outta here?"

"Just a second... Got it." Risha's voice was fainter, tinny, but she also sounded less than thrilled at the idea of turning tail.

"Go!" Silver barked, forcing herself to stand as chatter flooded in about a problem in the main engine room. "Just... Go!" She switched off the comlink and closed her eyes as the Angel's engines roared, bobbled, and faded outside the hull. "You dent my ship, Riggs, I'll kill you myself..." she murmured, staring at the fused hatch. It was an empty threat and she knew it. The Corellian Angel might be her baby, but she'd dent it a thousand times herself before she'd hurt a single hair on Corso Riggs' head.

"Captain!" The voice hailing her was not Corso's, and pulled her out of her funk.

"Yeah, Marr?" she grunted, gingerly probing her half-healed side as she started out of the docking bay. It was better, but still tender, and it would take a med bay--or a Jedi--to truly fix.

"The enemy has breached the engineering deck--they're after the primary generator. I'm on my way now. Meet me there."

"On my way." Silver tucked the comlink back in her belt and headed for the engine room. It was going to take a miracle to win this battle, if it was even possible at this point. "Hope the Force is with you, Your Sithiness," she muttered, unholstering Sparkles and flicking on her stealth field generator. "'Cause I think my luck may've just run out."
Luck of the Draw
So, this has been sitting in my for a week or two, ever since I started KotFE(not with Silver; she's still back on Voss cuz I was paranoid about the new features they kept mentioning were coming with the expansion. I shouldn't've worried Ah, well). I am heavily invested in my Space Dorks however, so even though I played the expansion with a different char, the plot bunnies gizka still struck for Silver and Corso. Specifically, how poorly Corso would take being told to leave Silver behind facing almost certain death. Neither of them would be very happy, but I don't see 'Get the hell out of here' being an easy order to follow for the dude whose main drive is looking out for you. And I also can't see Silver being particularly happy telling him to leave. Thus, FIC. There are some pretty big bombshells in this expansion, so there will probably be more fic as I try to come to terms with some of 'em. I will make sure to put spoiler warnings on them though, promise. ;)
Corso, Risha, and Darth Marr belong to BioWare(I think?) and Star Wars belongs to Disney

Silver *cough* Riggs is my Smuggler babe 
35. Long Shot

"What?" Ezekiel's gaze flicks back and forth between my face and Jowan's. "Obviously this is bad, but-"

"Ezekiel, that is darkspawn taint. Bad is not a strong enough word for what this is," I correct. "Did you leave anything out when you were talking to Velanna?"

He coughs sheepishly. "I didn't exactly leave it out so much as... tweaked it."


"Alright, so, I told her that when I bumped into the... darkspawn, it startled me, I jerked back and fell and that's how I broke my wrist." He rubs the back of his neck with his good hand. "That's not quite what happened. I did bump into it, it did startle me--and vice versa--but the reason I fell was because it grabbed my arm. I jerked away hard, lost my balance, and fell. Put my arm back to break my fall and landed on it at a weird angle. It was a nasty break, and I was so rattled and runnin' on so much adrenaline I didn't even feel it until an hour or two later, so I didn't even think about the possibility..." He looks up at me. "I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

"Yes," I reply. "Big trouble. Why'd you lie?"

He shrugs with one shoulder. "Dunno. Pride, maybe. Tripped and broke my wrist because I saw a monster got me enough grief. Admitting I panicked would've been even worse."

I sigh in irritation. "Well, congratulations, you salvaged some of your pride. Now you might die. An' not a pretty death."

"Rahna!" Jowan scolds, shooting me a look.

"What? He might! I'm just bein' honest!" I protest.

"No, you're being blunt," he retorts, gaze dropping back to Ezekiel's wrist. "b'cause you're annoyed at him. Just 'cause he made a dumb mistake doesn't mean he deserves that."

"Fine, fine. Sorry." I shoot Ezekiel an apologetic smile. "Today's been one long exercise in ruffling my feathers." I look back to Jowan. "Can you tell how far it's spread?"

He's quiet for a moment, one hand glowing faintly with magic  as he runs it along Ezekiel's arm. "That's strange..."

"What is?" Ezekiel and I demand in unison.

"Ezekiel, how long ago did this happen?" Jowan asks.

"Mmm... three or four days. Why?"

"It doesn't seem to have spread more than halfway up your arm," the mage replies. He hesitates. "Um, I know this looks bad, and you probably won't like the solution, but since the Taint hasn't spread all that far, theoretically, we could... remove the tainted part and you should be okay."

"You mean cut off my arm?" Ezekiel clarifies, raising an eyebrow.

Jowan coughs. "Well, yeah, but only part of it, and it's that or you die. One hundred percent going to happen."

"Well, when you put it like that," Ezekiel mutters, then lets out a wry chuckle. "Owen will be so thrilled to inherit all the leather repairs on a permanent basis." He looks at Jowan questioningly. "Given how bad this can be, I'm assuming the sooner it's taken care of the better?"

Jowan nods. "The longer you wait, the further it's going to spread. Of course, I do have to warn you that there is a chance it's already spread and I just can't sense it. In that case, amputating your arm isn't going to help at all."

Ezekiel looks up at me again. "He always this cheerful?"

I laugh. "Believe it or not, this is an improvement. He used to be much worse."

"Excuse me for wanting to be honest," Jowan mutters.

"Oh, don't look so disgruntled, sweetheart," I tease, tugging lightly on his ponytail. "You know I love you, but you are sorta fatalistic sometimes."

Ezekiel shifts, staring at his arm. "Do you think we should tell the others? My brothers, your friends?"

"I think we don't have a choice," I reply. "I mean, we chop off half of your arm, I think they're gonna notice."

"Good point," he acknowledges. "That would be hard to miss."

"Oh, and if we get Velanna in here, she knows a spell to help with slowing the spread of the Taint," I add, wishing I'd remembered that earlier. "She used it to keep Mahariel alive for a couple a' weeks before we made him a Grey Warden."

Jowan shoots me a meaningful look and I bite my tongue. That's a little too close to secret stuff we aren't supposed to share with the general public. "It could keep things under control. Y'know, until we can take care of it." I really don't know why I'm having so much trouble talking about this, it's not like I'm new to this kind of thing. But I am having trouble with it, so I clear my throat and mumble something about tracking down Velanna as I head for the door.


Velanna is a lot harder to find this time, given the whole fifteen minute recess thing. But I do find her eventually, in the stables of all places, perched on a stool and staring thoughtfully at the pair of horses closeted and happily munching at some treat or other.

"That was a fast fifteen minutes," she mutters when she sees me, straightening in preparation to dismount her perch.

"That's not why I'm here," I correct. "Though you will still need to get down, sorry. Ezekiel's wrist was giving him trouble, so I had Jowan take a look at it, and... Ezekiel has the Taint. I know you know that spell, the one you used to save Mahariel, and was hoping-"

"I'd use it, to save Ezekiel, too?" she finishes for me, sliding off the stool.

"Yeah," I nod, cracking my knuckles.

"Will it be worth it?" she asks. "I mean, I kept Jerin alive because I knew he was skilled warrior and it would make sense for him to be a Grey Warden. Otherwise, the Taint was advanced enough in him, I would have simply given him the mercy of a quick death."

I raise an eyebrow at how calmly she admits that, but stick to the matter at hand. "Well, Jowan couldn't sense any corruption outside of the injured arm and even that is all below the elbow. I was hoping you could slow it or contain it somehow so it doesn't spread before we can... amputate."

"Will that work?" Velanna raises an eyebrow.

"In theory," I shrug. "If the corruption really hasn't spread past his elbow, cutting it out should be possible. And then Ezekiel wouldn't need to join the Wardens. Not that I think he would, anyway."

She sighs. "I'll see what I can do. That spell is very draining. But if it's only a small area..."

"It is. Come on." I know better than to physically tug her after me, but I do gesture for her to follow.

She does, if slightly reluctantly. "Let's get on with it, then."

I can tell she still has doubts, but she's willing to give it a try, and that's good enough for me.
Acceptance ch 35
Okay, I really hate to do this, especially with where things are right now, but I need to take a week or two off from writing cuz of some rl things. Nothing bad, so don't worry, I'm just going to be insanely busy and won't have enough time to write. I've been trying to make it work, but the chapters keep winding up shorter than I want them to be and things are still slipping and I'm stressing out. So I'm just going to take a break and hope things will be back to normal on schedule.

Acceptance ch 1

Acceptance ch 34
Jowan, Velanna and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna, Ezekiel, and Jerin are mine
34. Ezekiel

I make it all the way back to the farmhouse, my temper only slightly cooled down, before I run into a person. The lanky brunet is standing in the kitchen, trying and failing to open a jar with one hand.

"Want some help with that?" I offer, changing course to head in his direction.

"Sure," he nods, stepping back. He presses his hand against the bandages binding his opposite arm as I open the jar. "Thanks."

"Not a problem," I shrug. "I'm guessing you're Ezekiel?"

He grins. "What gave me away?"

"I met your mother yesterday. She mentioned five sons. I've met the other four, albeit briefly in a couple cases," I reply with a wry smile of my own. "Plus, the arm's kind of a dead giveaway."

"Heh. I guess it is..." Ezekiel concedes. "Do you have a moment to talk?"

"Sure. Jowan mentioned that you might be wanting to talk. I have some time."

"Alright, let me finish fixing some food, and we can talk in my room."

"Exactly how bad did your brothers tease about what happened for you to spend all your time hiding?" I raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Colin and James sometimes have trouble knowing when to stop," is all he says. "My room is the second on th' right when you reach the top of the stairs, if you want to head up and find a seat?"

"S'ppose I can do that," I shrug. "Unless you think you'll need more help?"

Ezekiel laughs. "No, I think I can manage. Opening the jar was the hard part."

"Alright, then." I meander through the house, making my way up to his room. Jowan's comment about something seeming off echoes in my mind, and makes me hyper-aware of my surroundings as I settle in a rather worn-out armchair. But despite that, I can't sense anything odd or wrong about this room. The window is well-positioned to let in light, one wall is covered in stuffed-full bookshelves, and the bed is still rumpled and half made, but it just seems like a normal bedroom. Obviously the bedroom of an introvert, but still completely normal. Not to mention rather cozy.

Maybe Jowan was just being paranoid, part of my brain offers.

Maybe. But paranoid about what? the rest rejoins. I can't come up with a good answer, and so just sit in silence, twiddling my thumbs, until Ezekiel appears. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Well, first off, did you find whatever or whoever has been spreading the Taint?" Ezekiel asks as he settles on the bed.

"Jowan didn't tell you?" I frown. I can't really see how letting him know that would be a problem. But then, I am in a relationship with the most cautious worrywart in the history of Thedas.

"The gist of it was 'maybe'," he shrugs. "I got the sense he was playing it real safe with what he told a non-Warden."

"Sounds like Jowan," I laugh. "I love him, but he's an extremely cautious individual sometimes. We do think we've found the source of the Taint, yes. And we are currently working on ways to quickly and safely make it not a threat any more. Thank you, by the way, for what you told Velanna. It helped a lot figuring out what we're after."

"So you know what it is?" Ezekiel sets his plate aside and stares at me eagerly.

I nod. "It's called an Awakened darkspawn. They first showed up a couple years back..." I give him a brief rundown on what happened and why I think there's one here now--aside from the fact I talked to it--and then sit back and wait for his reaction.

"So... there are darkspawn that can talk?" is the first thing out of his mouth. Followed closely by "And not all of them are bad?"

"Well, they're not all bad in the sense not all of them have ridiculously high kill drives," I explain. "But even the peaceful ones spread the Taint, unfortunately. The one causing trouble here--we believe--was one of the higher ranking ones who wanted peace. We spared it after the Battle of Amaranthine, and it must've been wandering around 'til now."

"Mm." He silent for a few seconds, absently working the fingers on his bad hand as he eats a few more bites. "Shame you'll prob'ly have to kill it; it could be interesting to learn how a darkspawn thinks."

"It could indeed. But I don't think the Awakened ones are part of the darkspawn consciousness anymore once they've been awakened. They can't hear or sense or feel any thoughts but their own, and their thought process is vastly different when they're capable of reason." I stop myself as it dawns on me what just spilled out in front of someone who isn't a Warden. 

As if sensing my chagrin, Ezekiel smiles reassuringly. "Don't worry. I'm good at keeping secrets. I'm just glad to know what it is I... ran into. For a while I was starting to doubt my sanity. A creature like a man but with a monster's face... One of the first things out of Colin's mouth was askin' if I was drunk."

"Well, now you know for sure." I frown as he presses against the splint on his bad wrist again. "You okay? That seems to be bothering you an awful lot."

"It just itches," he brushes off my concern. Then, after a noticeable hesitation, meets my gaze. "...And aches. Are broken bones s'pposed to do that?"

"I... don't know," I admit. "Jowan's a healer, an' so's Velanna. I could have one of them take a look at it."

Another pause. "Jowan would probably be better. Velanna and I got off on the wrong foot and I don't think she likes me very much," he mutters.

I snort. "Velanna gets off on the wrong foot with just about everyone. It's not your fault; she's just prickly. But I'll go get Jowan. Even if pain is normal, there might be something he can do to minimize it."

"That... would be nice," Ezekiel concedes, finishing off his food.

I dash back to the clearing, where my fellow Wardens are still debating the issue at hand, decree a fifteen minute break, and drag Jowan back to the farmhouse.

"Rahna, what's the big deal?" he mutters, actually hurrying to keep up with me.

"Ezekiel's wrist is really bothering him, so I told him you could take a look at it, see if there's anything you can do."

Jowan sighs. "You know good and well broken bones are the one thing that largely have to heal on their own. I dunno what I'll be able to do..."

"Just try," I encourage as we make our way up the steps.

And so he does. I peruse Ezekiel's bookshelves as Jowan begins unwrapping the bandages, figuring they probably don't want an audience.

Until Jowan clears his throat. "Um, Rahna, you might want to see this."

"What?" I spin around and approach, my heart dropping to my toes. "Oh, no..."

Right across the joint of Ezekiel's wrist cut two slightly-angled gashes, edges tinged a very familiar dark grey.
Acceptance ch 34
OH BOY. See ya next week. :sprint:

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Acceptance ch 35
Jowan, Velanna, and Dragon Age in general belong to BioWare

Rahna and Ezekiel are mine

Think fast! Favorite character from How I Met Your Mother? 

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